MARs Summer Weekend Madness

With the long weekend only half way over, MARs has had some serious excitement.  The MARs summer party began when a tornado touched down on the Smith Mikhail property, cutting out power.  Consideration was given to cancelling the event but when Big T showed up on his bike 2 hours early, after cycling through a cyclone, the decision was made to carry on.

The first ever Muskoka Country Beer Mile was rain delayed (we waited until the rain got harder) until 5:45pm.  Fortunately, the tree down across the road exactly 200m from the driveway made a perfect turnaround for the out and back 400m lap.  None of the intrepid runners were struck by lightning.  Wade “Don’t Call Me Punk” McCormack won his first CBM at the age of 29, so we expect great things to come from him.  In second place was Tony The Runner Marra, who was rocking some vintage 1960s head gear and threatened to put on his terrifying old man mask. MARs President Cockroach Mikhail became the only runner in club history to be top three in every beer mile to date (if we all agree that that university punk cheated the year Pierre came 4th).  Darla Snotrocket Coles pretended to forget her shoes so was forced to wear track spikes as a penalty.  Kirstin Thomas broke a beer mile standard few thought was possible, eclipsing Mary Unsworth’s career worst 17 minute beer mile with a wind, rain, and peer-aided 20 minute beer mile.  The event was such a huge success that it was followed by the MARs 2 Beer Country Half Mile and Tornado Swithathon.  No runners died or were injured.

The races were followed by the annual MARs summer party, with thanks to Martina Morton, Algonquin Outfitters and Lake of Bays Breweries.  Thanks to all who came to the party!

On Saturday, Chris Watson did his club proud at the Ontario Masters Track and Field Championships with an impressive double in the 5000m then the 1500m a few hours later.  This was Chris’ first track meet in 25 years.  Chris placed 2nd in both races in 16:38 and 4:38, winning his age group in the 5000m.  The man who beat him in the 1500m ran on fresh legs, not running the 5000m like Chris!  Congratulations to Chris.

MARs workouts continue Sunday at Limberlost, meeting at Pierre’s house at 8am, with regular Tuesday and Thursday workouts this week at 6:15am at Conroy Track.  This is a great time to get running, with a unique opportunity coming this November, when the Ontario Cross Country Championships come to Muskoka.

See you on the roads and trails…

MARs Crushes The Falls

Muskoka Algonquin Runners sent a small but impressive team to the Ontario Cross Country Championships today in Niagara Falls.  Taking part were Mark Sinnige, Tony Marra, Jeremy Carbonaro, Chris Bennett, Mary Unsworth, Jess Sheppard, Kirsten Jewell, Sharon Bennett, Jen Nicholson, Kirstin Thomas, Tannis Wettlaufer and Nancy Edson.

The Women’s 30-39 placed first and the Men’s 40-49 team placed second!  Congratulations to all of our runners.  Results of the race can be found here.

Training on MARs continues this week Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15 am at Conroy Track and Sunday at 7:30 am at Summit Center. Details available for members at TeamSnap calendar.

Don’t forget club Pub Night this coming Thursday 7-9pm at On The Docks Pub.  Executive Meeting for Executive Members 6-7pm.

The Canadian Cross Country Championships are Saturday November 26 in Kingston.  The club has booked ten rooms November 25 and 26 for runners and will subsidize the cost (details to follow after Executive Meeting).  The race entry deadline is November 21 and the deadline for letting Pierre know if you need a room is also November 21.

See you on the roads.

MARs Launches XC Season

Muskoka Algonquin Runners made a statement on Sunday in Toronto at the Taylor Creek 5K XC Masters Race.  Troy Cox, Chris Watson, Tony Marra, Mark Sinnige, Mary Unsworth, Kat Ahokas, Sharon Bennett, Rebecca Francis, Darla Coles, Chris Bennett, Chris Near and Dan Quigg represented MARs fantastically!

After one race in the Breslin Cup for 2016, MARs finds itself in uncharted territory, finishing the day in second place overall for the first time ever.  Finishing third and fourth overall were Troy Cox and Chris Watson, both first in their age categories.  First woman was our Mary Unsworth who also won her age category, as did Kat Ahokas.

Our Men’s 40-49 and Women’s 30–39 teams both placed first and our Men’s 30-39 team placed third overall.

An exciting start to the XC Season.

Join us this week at Arrowhead Park landing strip at 6:30 am for a 6K time trial on the Hoya Hills XC Course.  See TeamSnap calendar for other workout details.

See on the grass!



Cross Country Season on MARs

Summer is fading.  Bad news for some but not those who love cross country running.  Our season starts now!

MARs will launch its 2016 season with a fun race, Friday Aug 22 at 6:30, with registration at 6:15 at Conroy Track.  The race is free to MARs members and anyone in the community who signs a waiver.  The course will be 5K.  The race will be part of an MARs Evening Cross Country Running Camp this week (5-8pm) with camp participants finishing their week with a race.  Bring a friend and come try it out.  To register for the race click here.

MARs XC season has several races this year.  All are optional.  Your first race (except Muskoka Mud Run) ever in XC will be on us and the dates are as follows (distances listed are Masters distances):

Sunday September 25, Taylor Creek (Toronto), 5K at 1pm. Depart Summit Center 9 am

Saturday October 1, Morrison Meadows, Bracebridge.  Click here.

Sunday October 16, Sunnybrook Park (Toronto), 8K at 1pm. Depart Summit Center 9 am

Sunday November 13, Niagara Falls, Ontario XC Championships, 5K. Depart November 12.

Saturday November 26, Kingston, Canadian XC Championships, 8K. Depart November 25.

Ontario Masters Website Click Here.

Cross country morning workouts for MARs members are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15 am beginning August 29 at Conroy Track and Sundays at 7:30 am (location TBA weekly).  Find details at the TeamSnap calendar.

Hoyas XC Season begins Thursday September 8 with an 11:30 am team meeting and first practice after school at 3:20pm in the school cafeteria.  If you’re not running yet it is time to start!

See you on the roads, golf courses, and trails…….


Boston Bound On MARs

An intrepid group of runners endured brutal heat Sunday to secure ten more spots in April 2017’s Boston Marathon.  Joining Kat Ahokas, Doug Neudorf, and Kirsten Jewell(who all qualified earlier this year) will be Troy Cox, Chris Watson, Mark Sinnige, Lowell Greib, Helen Dempster, Jen Nicholson, Roger Penney, Tony Marra, Dave Johnstone and Rebecca Francis.  That’s 13 runners in a club of 60 runners with several other runners planning summer attempts at a Boston qualifying time.  In addition to these fantastic results, MARs members kicked it old school in both the half marathon and 5 and 10K.

JPEG image-EB2B4C20C14F-1 copy.jpg

MARs Contingent and Families

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MARS Fun Runs Are Back!

The MARS Fun Runs are back.  First one was today at Hunter’s Bay Trail.  Results can be found here.

Details of future runs and registration can be found here.

Tell your friends.  Free to club members and any youth 18 or under.  $5 for nonmembers. Next week’s run is at Conroy Track.

See you on the roads….

MARs May Starts With A Bang!

MARs entered May on a high note with several great results today at the Toronto Marathon,Half Marathon and 10K. In the marathon, Doug Neudorf and Kirsten Jewell both ran Boston qualifying times in 3:14:07 and 3:28:55 respectively placing 7th and 9th in their categories.  Kirsten was 31st woman overall.  Congratulations to Doug and Kirsten! Continue reading

Translating Troy

It’s getting into Spring Racing Season.  MARs would like to provide you with a universal translator for things Big T(ime) Troy Cox says to you during workouts.  This list is not yet complete but we think it will help:

  1. “Slow Run” = moderate difficulty or sometimes all out, it really depends
  2. “Medium Run” = hang on but sometimes it means if you have the run of your life you’ll keep me in sight
  3. “Hard Run” = hang on as long as you can or let’s say good-bye now cause I’m not waiting around the parking lot for you
  4. “Let’s go easy on this one” = I’m going all out on this one and you have no chance of staying in the same town as me
  5. “I told Sandra…” = refers to a completely fictitious tall tale
  6. “I think you’ll run a sub 3 marathon” = everyone should be able to run that time but I have no idea who you are
  7. “let’s pick up the pace” = I’m dropping you, whoever you are
  8. “team-mate” = slow people that get in the way

MARs Rocks The Bay Race

Muskoka Algonquin Runners were awesome today at the Bay Race.  Despite cool conditions and gail force winds the Muskoka-hardened group did us all proud. 23 club members made the trek to Hamilton and here are some of the highlights:

13 of the 23 runners finished top 21 in their age category (Troy, Chris, Kat, Lowell, Mark, Tony, Helen, Roger, Jess, Rebecca, Jenn, Kirsten and Lia).

Our one team finished second in the Masters Women relay category (over 3o teams) – congrats to Gail, Catherine and Tina.

Troy Cox and Kat Ahokas won their age category and placed 21st and 7th in their gender overall.

Troy, Chris and Kat all went sub 2 hours, with Troy just missing sub 1:50 (by 4 seconds!)

Congrats to Troy, Chris, Kat, Lowell, Mark, Tony, Helen, Roger, Jess, Darla, Rebecca, Lia, Brent, Brian, Katie, Chris, Madeleine, Kirsten and Jane. Continue reading