MARs at Around the Bay 2018

Yesterday, a small group of MARsians made an appearance in Hammertown at the Around the Bay 30k Road Race. The conditions were windy as always, but sunny and relatively mild nonetheless.

Leading the group was ‘Big T’ Troy Cox, finishing in 1:53:25 as second master and first in his age group. Despite coming off of injury and reportedly completing approximately fifty percent of his regular training for this race, it should be noted that this is a more than two minute improvement from 2017. As said by Mary ‘Most worthy’, “Is that a moneybag or a sandbag?”. We will never know.

In their usual fashion, close behind Big T was ‘Lil T’ Chris Watson in 2:04:48. While not a typical finish time for Lil T, we are happy to report that Captain Glass is looking more and more upright every day.

Next up was ‘Boston Bound’ Rebecca Francis, coming in at 2:28:19 with plenty of hay left in the barn, followed by Mark Wilding in 2:35:12 and Peter Ryback in 2:56:30. We wish these MARsians the best of luck at their spring marathons in Boston and Mississauga as well as other various races.

See you on the roads!


Fourth annual Chilly Hilly Half MARsathon & 10k

This past weekend, over a dozen individuals participated in the fourth annual Chilly Hilly Half MARsathon. Despite an ever so challenging (and notoriously short) course, runners were treated with near perfect conditions.

In the 10k, Dougie ‘new kid’ Allan came in first, running a solid 40:02. Coming in second was Tannis Wettlaufer, with 50:57 and a new PR. Close behind Tannis with another PR was Stacey Tinkler with 56:38.

In the half marathon, Lil T took the big W in 1:34:14. Despite strong winds that day, Captain Glass was fortunate enough to remain (somewhat) upright. Next in the half was Jacob Barkey in 1:34:31, likely entirely thanks to the Mikhail family for supplying fuel, water, food, and apparel. Close behind were Andre Boudreault in 1:41:37, Rebecca Francis in 1:42:17 and Mark Wilding in 1:42:44. Brian Gray and Chris Near also ran the half in 1:47:18 and 1:50:41, respectively. Given that many or most of these times were set as training runs, we can’t wait to see what these MARsians will do in their upcoming spring races.

Also making an appearing in their own distances were Safety Kat Ahokas, running a not so personal best of 1:42:16 in the 10-12k (no timing issues here), and President Pierre Mikhail in the 2x500m (that is, to and from his house). Congratulations to these runners on their individual achievements.

Last but not least, a big thank you to Martina for timing and to Pierre for hosting this annual event.

Morning workouts continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15 am, as well as various weekend long runs. Check TeamSnap for details. See you on the roads!

Another run, another record

Our very own Mary Unsworth had another incredibly successful weekend on the track, this time at the Provincial Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships in Toronto. In the 1500m, Mary ran 4:32.43, a new Ontario W40 Masters record by 21 seconds. Mary also won the 3000m, running 9:53.02 (3:18 pace!) and beating the old Canadian record by 53 seconds.

Congratulations to Mary on these accomplishments and your new Ontario and Canadian records! You continue to inspire and seriously impress us all.


MARs Astounds at Indoor Triathlon

Contrary to popular belief, not all MARSians sink in the water or fall off their spin bikes. On Sunday, several competed and had fantastic results at the TriMuskoka Indoor Triathlon, consisting of a 15 minute pool swim, 15 minute spin bike, and 15 minute indoor track run.

Jennifer Nicholson was top overall female, and top overall (yes, she beat every guy there). Jen had a fantastic 37 lengths of the pool, a 115 RPM on the bike, and 15.5 laps of the Summit Centre track.

Kayla Gallo was second female overall, top in her age group, and was tied for the best run performance at 17 laps (each lap is 217m, so that’s a 4:04 pace!). Rebecca Francis was 3rd woman overall and second in her age group. Jane Wolfe won her age group (it turns out she can swim, too), Jessica Adam was second in her age group, and Jennifer MacMillan was third in her age group.

Congrats also to other MARSians with strong results including CJ Seaman and Nicolle Howell.

Chris Watson and Darla Coles did not compete, and were seen instead wandering up Aspdin Road on a long run in the freezing rain.

Thanks to Brian Gray for submitting this post! Stay tuned for more updates and see you on the roads. 

MARs Winter Beverage Mile

MARs’ fourth annual winter beer mile lived up to its billing as a race for the stoic. Braving frigid temperatures and icy road conditions, five brave souls (ed: fools?) kept the tradition alive, and were cheered on by a greater number of more lily-livered spectators.

Kip, wisely sporting track spikes, thankfully beat out a visiting Newmarket Husky (whom we shall not deign to name) for the victory, in dramatic fashion – barely crossing the line before experiencing what would have been a penalty lap incurring event. Host of this year’s race, Mark, exploited home course advantage to full effect for a third place finish. With the steadiness of a seasoned pro, Darla repeated as women’s winter beer mile champion; her victory was uncontested. Despite his dead-last finish, we commend Ben for being recognized as this year’s ‘Most Improved Beer Miler’— may medical training strengthen his stomach.

Congratulations to all participants!

Thanks to Mary for this recap! See you on the roads.

MARs at the Collingwood Half & 10k

MARs had a strong showing at the Collingwood Half Marathon and 10k this past weekend, with fifteen members and many other Huntsville locals making the trip south to race. Here are a few of their results!

In the half, several runners claimed personal bests, with others conquering the distance for the first time. Katie Barkey (hi!) ran 1:41:28, thanks to pacing by Lowell ‘Dr. Angry’ Greib. Close behind were Terri O’Brien (1:48:03), Nancy Edson (1:51:42), and Holly Sundy (1:53:19). Power couple Kevin and Tannis Wettlaufer finished neck and neck in 1:56:40 and 1:57:05, respectively. It should be noted that Tannis also summited Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, last month, alongside MARs member Tina Steele and two other Huntsville women. #nobigdeal #kindofabigdeal

Also in the half were Kirstin Thomas (2:05:00), Susan Bobyk (2:08:21), Stacy Tinkler (2:22:54), and Stephanie Harvey (2:28:50). Way to work, ladies!

Last but not least, in the 10k, Kat Ahokas cruised to 1st female and 9th overall in 40:26.  Also running were Cecilia Castillo (1:00:57), Rose Evans (1:01:41), and Alicia Cox (1:08:15). Congrats to these women as they continue to achieve new distances and PRs.

Regular Tuesday and Thursday workouts continue at 6:15 am along with varying Saturday and Sunday long runs. Be sure to check TeamSnap for specifics.

Finally, don’t forget, the next Cross Country race is the Sunnybrook 4k this Sunday, October 15th. Meet at the Summit Centre for 9 am. Be sure to register soon (before Pierre does it for you).

See you on the roads!

MARs kicks off XC Season at Taylor Creek

Muskoka Algonquin Runners kicked off the 2017 Cross Country season at Taylor Creek 5k this past weekend. Six runners made the trip to East York to race. In attendance was Andre Boudreault, Brian Gray, Tony Marra, Pierre Mikhail, Mary Unsworth and Chris Watson.

Chris Watson led the group, finishing in 17:25 and 5th overall. Tony Marra finished in the top 30 in 19:54, with Mary Unsworth close behind him. Mary was the 3rd female overall, running 20:04. Close behind was Brian Gray (21:48), Pierre Mikhail (21:54), and Andre Boudreault (23:11). The 40-49 men did the club proud with a 2nd place team finish. Congratulations, runners!

Next race is the Sunnybrook 4k on Sunday October 15th. Be sure to get in on the fun (and one of Tony Marra’s signature selfies).