MARs Spring 2019 Recap

MARs has had a jam-packed spring season over the past couple months, with members racing all over the province in distances ranging from fast 5ks to full marathons.

Going back to late May, several club members headed to our nation’s capital for the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Starting with the 10k on Saturday night, Big T led his [advanced] age group, running 35:35. Also in the 10k was Darla Snotty Coles, finishing in 41:56 on post-marathon (and vacation) legs.

Moving on to Sunday morning, Andre the VH Boudreault led the MARs contingent in the half marathon, finishing in 1:32:51. Next up was Rob RoHo Horton in 1:48:28, followed by his better half, Justine Brown, in 2:17:09.

In the full marathon, Martina Morton ran a strong and steady race in warm conditions, finishing in 3:33:17, just less than a year after baby number three. How many of you can lay claim to that?!

Back on home turf, MARs had another huge turnout at Band on the Run. With more than 1,000 participants in total, there are simply too many members’ results to list. Top highlights include MARs owning half of the top 10 in the 5k, Troy Cox winning the 10k, Andre Boudreault coming in 3rd, and several strong finishes in the half marathon (Jacob Barkey, Brian Gray, and Luke Aitken to name a few).

Most recently, a handful of MARs diehards made their way south for the Lululemon Toronto 10k. Chris Lil T Watson led the way in 34:13, finishing 1st in his age category and 18th overall. Close-ish behind was Big T Troy Cox, running 35:15 (also 1st AG; alternatively described as “really showing his age” – PM). Next up was Andre Boudreault, running a huge PR and finishing in 39:27 (3rd AG). First and only MARs lady was Darla Snotty Coles, coming in at 43:32 (still waiting on that sub-40, Coles). MARs couple of the month Tony the Runner Marra and Pierre El Prez Mikhail came in shortly after in 45:57, followed by the First Lady Catherine Smith in 57:18.

Corrections or omissions may be forwarded to the MARs President. Please inquire within for his personal phone number and home address. Tuesday and Thursday morning workouts continue with regular weekend group and long runs. Check TeamSnap for details on our upcoming annual summer party and beverage mile. See you there!




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