MARs Astounds at Indoor Triathlon

Contrary to popular belief, not all MARSians sink in the water or fall off their spin bikes. On Sunday, several competed and had fantastic results at the TriMuskoka Indoor Triathlon, consisting of a 15 minute pool swim, 15 minute spin bike, and 15 minute indoor track run.

Jennifer Nicholson was top overall female, and top overall (yes, she beat every guy there). Jen had a fantastic 37 lengths of the pool, a 115 RPM on the bike, and 15.5 laps of the Summit Centre track.

Kayla Gallo was second female overall, top in her age group, and was tied for the best run performance at 17 laps (each lap is 217m, so that’s a 4:04 pace!). Rebecca Francis was 3rd woman overall and second in her age group. Jane Wolfe won her age group (it turns out she can swim, too), Jessica Adam was second in her age group, and Jennifer MacMillan was third in her age group.

Congrats also to other MARSians with strong results including CJ Seaman and Nicolle Howell.

Chris Watson and Darla Coles did not compete, and were seen instead wandering up Aspdin Road on a long run in the freezing rain.

Thanks to Brian Gray for submitting this post! Stay tuned for more updates and see you on the roads.