MARs Crushes BOTR

It was a nice and sunny day, and from the start it was obvious that heat was going to be an issue. The new Band on the Run Course for 2017 saw some beautiful scenery, and steady rolling hills.

In the half marathon, Troy Cox had a tough race, and had to settle for 2nd place overall but 1st in his age group in a time of 1:22:09. Helen Dempster chased down the leader and finished as the 1st women, 4th overall in great time of 1:30:20, an amazing comeback after several months of time off. Mark Wilding showed steady pacing and completed the course in a very respectable 1:46:41. Lindsey Howes who is in the midst of moving (and off training), ran in 1:50:03. Andre Boudreault finished in 1:50:47, and can attest that the heat was definitely a factor on the return leg. Olivia Crozier came in in 1:52:41, good for 1st in her age group. Marly Hogue was 2nd in her age group with a time of 2:00:54.  Natasha Nieder was close behind at 2:00:56, and Nicole Howell completed her half marathon in 2:08:53.

In the 10 km race, Jen Nicholson finished 2nd female and 1st in her age group.  Dave Johnstone was 4th in his age group with 45:00 flat. Also in at 45:00 was Jessica Adam. Rebecca Francis ran a 46:14, good enough for 4th female and 1st in her age group. Brian Gray ran a solid 47:43. Other finishers include Chris Near in 51:56, Tannis Wettlaufer in 52:43, Nancy Edson in 54:08, Kirstin Thomas in 54:23, Catherine Smith in 57:13, Katherine Andrews 1:05:17, Mary Henderson 1:06:45, Peter Ryback 1:07:12 and Stacy Tinkler 1:08:26. Kat Ahokas, along with fellow members of the Huntsville/Lake of Bays Fire Department, also ran the 10k in full bunker gear in support of Community Living Huntsville.

There were a number of MARs members running the 5 km Race, many of whom were running with family members. Martina Morton ran in a quick 20:14 and was 2nd female – only 2 weeks after the Ottawa Marathon. Fiona Shearing ran a speedy 20:57 and was the 4th overall female. Sebastian Horton ran 21:23. Ben and Tony Shearing finished together at 21:32. Elias Coles ran 23:29, while his mom Darla Coles ran a 24:53 with her other speedy son Sol. Chris Watson, also running with family ran a 26:38. Sharon Bennett ran with her daughter Paige in 26:58. Holly Sundy clocked a solid 28:06, while pushing a stroller and having raced the weekend prior.

A warm welcome to those new MARs members who have recently finished The SportLab’s Running Program, many of whom also raced over the weekend. We hope to see you out training with MARs over the summer.

A very successful and fun weekend for many MARs runners.

Thank you to Andre and Kat for contributing to this race recap and a big congratulations to everyone who completed Band on the Run! Apologies to anyone who may have been missed. 

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