MARs at the Barrie Half Marathon

This past Sunday, MARs was represented at the Barrie Half Marathon by a small but mighty group of runners looking to maximize the spring racing season. Despite unfavourable, mucky conditions, Kat Ahokas lead the pack with a stellar positive attitude – “It’s lightened up… okay now it’s definitely lightened up” (it never lightened up). Kat took first place female in 1:25:08, a causal Sunday run considering she, “got lazy and slowed significantly between 12 and 18 km”. Uncoincidentally, right behind Kat was Lowell Greib, finishing in 1:26:22 and taking 6th male overall. Katelin Barkey also ran the half in 1:40:32 and Holly Sundy the 10k in 51:25.

Congratulations to these runners and best of luck to everyone gearing up for Band on the Run this coming weekend! Major recap to follow.

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