Boston Bound On MARs

An intrepid group of runners endured brutal heat Sunday to secure ten more spots in April 2017’s Boston Marathon.  Joining Kat Ahokas, Doug Neudorf, and Kirsten Jewell(who all qualified earlier this year) will be Troy Cox, Chris Watson, Mark Sinnige, Lowell Greib, Helen Dempster, Jen Nicholson, Roger Penney, Tony Marra, Dave Johnstone and Rebecca Francis.  That’s 13 runners in a club of 60 runners with several other runners planning summer attempts at a Boston qualifying time.  In addition to these fantastic results, MARs members kicked it old school in both the half marathon and 5 and 10K.

JPEG image-EB2B4C20C14F-1 copy.jpg

MARs Contingent and Families

Ageless Big T(ime) Troy Cox led the way in the marathon with a blistering 2:43:13.  This was good for first place in his age group and 36th overall out of almost 4200 runners.  Chris Watson was 6th in his age group and 46th overall, in 2:46:06, impressive for his first completed marathon.  Mark Sinnige placed 7th in his age group and 116th overall with another sub 3 hour race in 2:57:51.  Tony Marra and Roger Penney were 31 and 32nd in their age groups in 3:14 and change.  Dave Johnstone continued his string of Boston qualifying races and was 51st in his age group.  Dan Quigg did the unthinkable in running a marathon 4 weeks after completing a 50 mile trail race.  An incredible accomplishment.

Helen Dempster led the way on the women’s side in 3:10:45 with an incredible 3rd place age group finish and was 34th out of 1455 women.  She also even split her race which is an amazing accomplishment.   Not far behind was Jen Nicholson in 3:15:41, good for 4th in her age group.  Rebecca Francis nailed her second Boston qualifying time in 1 year with a 3:28:34, 20th in her age group.  Congrats Rebecca!

In the half marathon, Katherine Ahokas battled the heat one month after a PR at The Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon.  She was 4th out of 6403 women.  Tina Steele PR-ed with a time of 1:43:47 and was 19th in her age group and 240/6403 women.  Sharon Bennett and Darla Coles battled the elements and each other to finish in 1:50:15 and 1:50: 33 and place 117 and 119/1015 women in their age category.  Cathy Johnstone  and Catherine Smith both went under two hours on this brutally hot day in 1:54:50 and 1:58:48 placing 86th and 143rd in their age category out of 821 runners.  Teenager Sarah Steele also completed the half marathon today!

In the races on Saturday, Nathan Johnstone battled 35C heat in the 10K race and placed 251st/10,523 runners in 41:36.  In the 5K race, Fiona Shearing and Ben Shearing both placed third in their age category, with Ben outduelling his father Tony.

Congratulations to all MARs runners on a great weekend!

MARs is taking a week off but will resume runs next Sunday and Fun Runs Thursday 5:30 will continue this week. Click Here for details.

See you on the roads.

image2.JPG                                  Above: MARs Runners; Below: Kat, Sharon and Darla

JPEG image-64524867BB7A-1 copy.jpgJPEG image-D0302B26D6F0-1 copy.jpg                                                                              MARs Runners

FullSizeRender-3.jpg                                         Helen and Jen in back, Roger and Dave in front

FullSizeRender-4.jpg                                                                               Big T(ime)

FullSizeRender-5.jpg                                                                                         lil T

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