Translating Troy

It’s getting into Spring Racing Season.  MARs would like to provide you with a universal translator for things Big T(ime) Troy Cox says to you during workouts.  This list is not yet complete but we think it will help:

  1. “Slow Run” = moderate difficulty or sometimes all out, it really depends
  2. “Medium Run” = hang on but sometimes it means if you have the run of your life you’ll keep me in sight
  3. “Hard Run” = hang on as long as you can or let’s say good-bye now cause I’m not waiting around the parking lot for you
  4. “Let’s go easy on this one” = I’m going all out on this one and you have no chance of staying in the same town as me
  5. “I told Sandra…” = refers to a completely fictitious tall tale
  6. “I think you’ll run a sub 3 marathon” = everyone should be able to run that time but I have no idea who you are
  7. “let’s pick up the pace” = I’m dropping you, whoever you are
  8. “team-mate” = slow people that get in the way

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