Translating Troy

It’s getting into Spring Racing Season.  MARs would like to provide you with a universal translator for things Big T(ime) Troy Cox says to you during workouts.  This list is not yet complete but we think it will help:

  1. “Slow Run” = moderate difficulty or sometimes all out, it really depends
  2. “Medium Run” = hang on but sometimes it means if you have the run of your life you’ll keep me in sight
  3. “Hard Run” = hang on as long as you can or let’s say good-bye now cause I’m not waiting around the parking lot for you
  4. “Let’s go easy on this one” = I’m going all out on this one and you have no chance of staying in the same town as me
  5. “I told Sandra…” = refers to a completely fictitious tall tale
  6. “I think you’ll run a sub 3 marathon” = everyone should be able to run that time but I have no idea who you are
  7. “let’s pick up the pace” = I’m dropping you, whoever you are
  8. “team-mate” = slow people that get in the way

MARs Evening Running Camp

It’s hard to think about summer when it’s still winter outside. But don’t miss an opportunity to sign up for the MARs Summer Evening Cross Country Running Camp.  Space will be limited to 30 runners.  Runners 13 and older and adults are welcome.  Details below.

Summer Running Camp

See you on the roads and pass it on!

MARs Rocks The Bay Race

Muskoka Algonquin Runners were awesome today at the Bay Race.  Despite cool conditions and gail force winds the Muskoka-hardened group did us all proud. 23 club members made the trek to Hamilton and here are some of the highlights:

13 of the 23 runners finished top 21 in their age category (Troy, Chris, Kat, Lowell, Mark, Tony, Helen, Roger, Jess, Rebecca, Jenn, Kirsten and Lia).

Our one team finished second in the Masters Women relay category (over 3o teams) – congrats to Gail, Catherine and Tina.

Troy Cox and Kat Ahokas won their age category and placed 21st and 7th in their gender overall.

Troy, Chris and Kat all went sub 2 hours, with Troy just missing sub 1:50 (by 4 seconds!)

Congrats to Troy, Chris, Kat, Lowell, Mark, Tony, Helen, Roger, Jess, Darla, Rebecca, Lia, Brent, Brian, Katie, Chris, Madeleine, Kirsten and Jane. Continue reading