MARs Lands At Ontario Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships

MARs landed spectacularly today at the Ontario Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships.  A small contingent of Mary Unsworth, Troy Cox, Chris Watson and Pierre Mikhail made a great deal of noise, each competing in two races.  The club placed 6th overall out of 27 competing clubs today!

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It’s Cold On MARs

It’s been cold on MARs.  Really really cold.  A group of intrepid runners headed out in -38C yesterday morning and bagged 30K.  Roger asked us to “please hold me” several times after the run.  In addition his bag of clothing that he ran in weighed close to 600lbs after the run prompting Troy Cox to ask “WTF?”.  We had a hard time convincing Roger to put his clothes back on after the run and we also learned that his post long run preferred rehydration is “give me beer”.  Catherine Smith was quoted as calling these runners “morons”.


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