Canadian Indoor Record on MARs

Masters Runner Mary Unsworth set an age group Canadian Indoor record today at York University in the 5000m!  Congratulations to Mary.  We expect that she will crush this record as she continues to show her racing chops.  Why not find out what these indoor races are all about?  For those who ran cross country you can expect similar competition but you are guaranteed great weather.  There are three meets left, Feb 21, Feb 28 and March 19/20.  The last two are the Ontario Masters Indoor Championships and The Canadian Masters Indoor Championships and the club plans to attend these.  To see race schedules click here and here.  These races in February and March are a great way to raise your noses a little at winter…..Registration for the Chilly Hilly Half MARsathon and 10K is open.  Click here to register.  Free to competitive members, $10 for noncompetitive members and $20 for nonmembers.  Payment in cash on race day. We are looking for someone not running to help with timing and dropping off liquid nutrition at the turnaround point.  Let us know if you are able to help.

The club is also going to Around The Bay 30K (and relays), Toronto Half Marathon and Ottawa Race Weekend.

MARs can now confirm it will be running its first ever running camp.  The MARs Evening Cross Country Running Camp will run August 22-26 inclusive from 5-8pm.  Save the dates so you can get a head start on fall XC training, learn the fundamentals of various XC workouts, benefit from classroom sessions on the hows and whys of training, and run a simulated race in the last day.  Registration will be limited to 30 runners.  Stay tuned here for further details.

Workouts on MARs continue this week with Fartlek/Tabata workout Tuesday 6:15 and a Steady State Workout Tuesday 6:15 am or 5 pm.  Next long run is Sunday 7:30 am from the Summit Center parking lot.

If you are still not sure about running on MARs, we think these photos will motivate you.  You don’t need to be entirely normal to run with us.  Give us a try.

See you on the roads…..

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