Big T’s 2015 Top Ten MARs Race Moments

Honourable Mention – The emergence of a potent group of women’s 50-59 women on the racing scene. Congrats to Nancy Edson, Kim Russel-Brooks, Lia Kutzscher, Barb Hesk, Monique Charlton and Gail Tusz. Solid performances all year and several top 3 team results.

Number 10 – Roger Penney’s marathon at the Muskoka Ironman. Run at mid day on a very warm sunny day, Roger “Sundance Kid” Penney showed that he is a runner 1st running a impressive 42.2k after the swim and bike

Number 9 – Tie to Mark and Helen at the Beer Mile. Mark “Butch Cassidy” Sinnige showed that his 2014 victory was no fluke and that a 90 pound man can drink beverages… and run.  Helen’s first showing at the beer mile was awesome – crushing the other female competitors and most of the males.

Number 8 – Chris “lil T” Watson at Around The Bay 30K. After the most horrible racing season in the history of running .. lil T’s fall 2014 race season ( the “It’s Not Good Big T Ottawa Evening Marathon” and the “Way To Go Leanne XC Provincial champs) lil T was the first MARsian across the line in an impressive 1:56 after a difficult winter of training. It is almost enough to make Pierre forget the “Massage Tent Fiasco”.

Number 7 – I’m giving this one to myself, Troy Cox. Big T at T.O. Half in 1:14. Age graded at 87%. This was one of my best races in the last 5-6 years.

Number 6 – Pierre “Super P” Mikhail at XC Nationals. After 3 months of broken butt training (P’s butt hurts if you were not aware) P pulled off his best XC race in the last 3 years and possibly his life (just ask him, he’d love to tell you all about it) at the biggest race of the year. Def Sheppard believes that all the MARsians Pierre whined to about his sore butt should get the #1 spot in this list….

Number 5 – MARs men’s 40-49 XC season. Despite falling short at Nationals this M40-49 team was a force winning at Taylor Creek , Sunnybrook and at Ontario Championships in the insanely competitive 40 age group.

Number 4 – Dan Quigg’s 50 miler in New York State. Impressive for so many reasons. Running with a sun dial as a watch, Dan In real Life negative split this race plus I have trouble imagining running that far …. on trails … what more can I say.

Number 3 – Jess “Def Sheppard” Sheppard’s 2:57 at Boston. After one of the most horribly cold winters of training then faced with a cold rainy, windy race day Jess pulled off the “holy crap” race of the group. When Jess told me her time .. I responded with “holy crap” but was topped with the MARs quote of the year from Kat ” I think you beat me … you b#!ch ”

Number 2 – Fuelled by rage from Boston…. Kat “Puma Pants” Ahokas’ 2:55 at the Victoria Marathon to reclaim her alpha-female spot on MARs. Training all the long stuff pretty much on her own during the hot summer months makes this even more impressive.
Number 1 – MARs at Boston Marathon. As mentioned before – the winter of 2014/15 was horrible – long cold torturous winter of training. Add to it a difficult race day of rain wind and cold. The MARs performance that day was truly epic. 5 runners under 3 hours (Troy, Pierre, Mark, Jess, Kat) – would have been 6 if Lowell hadn’t stopped to pee and accidentally disconnecting himself from his Wifi. Add to that Martina matching her “holy crap” Ottawa time and Dave’s awesome run. Plus our Women’s Open Team result of 5th overall putting us on the map. This is with out a doubt the MARs 2015 highlight race of the year.

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