Back on MARs!

After almost a month off, we are back on MARs and ready to run.  The next MARs workouts are Tuesday December 29 at 6:15 am at Summit Center parking lot (bring headlamps), Thursday December 31 either 6:15 am or 5pm at Summit Center parking lot and January 3 at 7:30 am at Pierre’s house.  Members can access the specifics of the workouts at the TeamSnap website.  Details about 2016 MARs memberships can be found here.

Looking back on 2015, MARs has lots to celebrate:

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Tony The Runner and Leftovers

Before we put MARS to bed until the week of December 28, a few housekeeping details to deal with. The following items were left behind in Kingston.  Contact Pierre if they belong to you.

Put January 5, 2016 on your calendar and tell your friends.  That will be the date of our 2016 club Sign Up and Information Session from 7-9 pm.  Location TBA.

Finally, our last Runner Biography of 2015.

Tony The Runner

Tony Marra greeted MARs runs with a huge smile on his face in the spring of 2015. He attended just about every fun run that the club hosted, including the one that was cancelled due to tornado warnings. Now that’s dedication. Although he lives in High Park in Toronto, he has a cottage in Kearney and, since MARs is the best running group going, Tony the Runner was ultra happy to join the group. There are some rumours on the roads that Tony made inquiries with other running clubs down south, but they were nowhere near as fun as MARs.

Let’s meet Tony the Runner:


Tony The Runner Poses With His Favourite Running Club

Nickname​: Tony The Runner; The Janitor (we look forward to seeing him in action again next beer mile.)
Weaknesses: Too friendly
Favourite Races: Anything Smiley.
Distances Run: Far enough away from the rest of us that only our feet are in his photos; 1:25 Half
PRs: The 2016 Ottawa Marathon.
Pre-Race Rituals: Smiling     Post Race Ritual: The Soother
Favorite Race Wear: late 80’s plush leather spikes, a parka.
Motto: Don’t worry, be happy.
Favourite Quote: “Black Lung and Longboat tried to make me do volunteer work”
Describe MARS in One Word: “I’m nicer than Dave”

See you on the roads…..