Canadian XC Championships On MARS

Only 6 days until the Canadian XC Championships in Kingston.  MARS runners have worked hard all fall to get to this event.  Let’s salute the runners by name: Madi Smrtka, Shannon Marshall, Zac Pinheiro, Graham Shearing, Ryan Pratt, Nathan Johnstone, Cameron Cira, Darla Coles, Jess Sheppard, Kat Ahokas, Mary Unsworth, Kip Arlidge, Josh Stevens, Kim Russel-Brooks, Nancy Edson, Lia Kutzscher, Bob Wild, Tina Steele, Tannis Wetlauffer, Jennifer Nicholson, Dave Johnstone, Tony Marra, Lowell Greib, Chris Watson, Troy Cox, Mark Sinnige and Pierre Mikhail. That’s 27 runners total, a MARS record for a championship race!  In addition we have entered teams in the Senior Women’s race, Youth Boys race, Women’s 40-49 race, Men’s 40-49 race (two teams) and Women’s 50-59 race.  Good luck MARSians!

There is only one workout left before Canadian XC, Tuesday at 6:15 am meeting at Summit Center parking area. There will be no organized run Thursday morning this week.

After Canadian XC, MARS will take a break until the week of Dec 28.  There will be informal runs posted on TeamSnap throughout December but no organized training until after Christmas.  At that time we will focus on preparing for some spring races.  The races on our horizon are: Half MARSathon March 6 in Huntsville; Around The Bay 30K April 3 in Hamilton, Toronto Half Marathon May 1, Ottawa Race Weekend May 28-29.  In addition the club will look to go to Indoor Track races January 31, February 28 and March 19-20.   Put these dates on your calendar!

It’s time to meet another MARSian. Mary Unsworth joined MARS in the summer of 2015, after a long hiatus from running. She is one of the nicest, smartest, and fastest people you will ever meet, but she won’t tell you that. She won’t tell you about her prolific accomplishments as a high school runner in Ontario, and as a university student competing for the Harvard Crimson. She will tell you that she hasn’t run in awhile and doesn’t think she can run more than 10k. She won’t mention that she is an economist and a lawyer, but will instead mention that she’s “not working right now.” She will quietly and methodically work harder than many runners even consider working and then she will just as quietly and methodically hand you your ass somewhere in the middle of a cross country race. If President Pierre was anywhere near as awesome as Mary, he would purchase his own television network to broadcast his success to the world. Mary is a breath of fresh air and clearly the club’s future president. Let’s meet Mary:

IMG_0345.jpeg(#2073 above, winning one of many races)

Mary “The OG” Unsworth
Nicknames: The OG, OFSAA Gold, Original Gangsta, New Troy
Weaknesses: Being too humble.
Favourite Races: Anything mid-distance on a track.
Distances Run: Everything, probably. Once we pressure her into running a marathon she will likely run a 2:35 debut.
PRs: Who are we kidding? She has probably run a sub-2:00 800m; she just hasn’t told us about it because she is so humble. She is also going to be the first woman to run a 4 minute mile, which she will do during preparation for the World Masters Athletics Championships in 2020, where she will win every race.
Pre-Race Rituals: Doing strides 7 x faster than the rest of us can even imagine running.
Motto: Veritas.
Favourite Quote: “Do your worst.”
Describe MARS in One Word: Zen

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.50.25 PM

See you on the roads…..

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