MARS Rocks Canadian Cross Country Championships

Muskoka Algonquin Runners had a historic weekend in Kingston at the Canadian Cross Country Championships.  27 runners represented the club, making us one of the largest clubs present.  There were too many highlights to mention them all.  Having a large team was a wonderful experience and we hope to build on this as we head into winter.  We hope to see some runners take some chances by trying indoor track! It’s like going to the Bahamas (it’s warm indoors!) without the cost!

Leading the way on Saturday was the ageless Bob Wild, who placed first in the men’s 80-84 category.   Lia Kutzscher, Kim Russel-Brooks, and Chris Watson all placed 4th in their age groups.  Troy Cox and Nancy Edson both placed 5th in their age groups.  Our women’s 40-49 team surprised everyone with a Gold Medal performance!  Congratulations to Tina Steele, Jennifer Nicholson and Tannis Wetlauffer!

The women’s 50-59 team of Lia Kutzscher, Kim Russel-Brooks and Nancy Edson missed Gold by a cumulative time of 8 seconds! What a performance!

Our men’s 40-49 team placed four men in the top 30 with Troy Cox (8th), Chris Watson (16th), Mark Sinnige (27th) and Pierre Mikhail (29th).  The team placed second overall in the men’s 40-49 race, falling to a dominant performance by the Newmarket Huskies who had 3 runners in the top 10!  Newmarket smartly raced their top 50-59 year old runner down an age group.  The ageless Geoff Peat pushed that team over the hump (he was 10th) after being defeated by MARS all season.  MARS was deep in men’s 40-49 with a second team of Tony Marra, Lowel Greib and Dave Johnstone also performing very well.

Katherine Ahokas, Jess Sheppard, Mary Unsworth and Darla Coles battled the fastest runners in Canada in the Senior Women’s race, as did Josh Stevens and Kip Arlidge in the Senior Men’s race.  Congratulations to these intrepid racers!

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Canadian XC Championships On MARS

Only 6 days until the Canadian XC Championships in Kingston.  MARS runners have worked hard all fall to get to this event.  Let’s salute the runners by name: Madi Smrtka, Shannon Marshall, Zac Pinheiro, Graham Shearing, Ryan Pratt, Nathan Johnstone, Cameron Cira, Darla Coles, Jess Sheppard, Kat Ahokas, Mary Unsworth, Kip Arlidge, Josh Stevens, Kim Russel-Brooks, Nancy Edson, Lia Kutzscher, Bob Wild, Tina Steele, Tannis Wetlauffer, Jennifer Nicholson, Dave Johnstone, Tony Marra, Lowell Greib, Chris Watson, Troy Cox, Mark Sinnige and Pierre Mikhail. That’s 27 runners total, a MARS record for a championship race!  In addition we have entered teams in the Senior Women’s race, Youth Boys race, Women’s 40-49 race, Men’s 40-49 race (two teams) and Women’s 50-59 race.  Good luck MARSians!

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MARS Landing At Athletics Ontario Cross Country Running Championships

Muskoka Algonquin Runners continued a stellar season en route to the Canadian Cross Running Championships In Kingston November 28, competing at the Athletics Ontario Cross Country Championships at Etobicoke’s Centennial Park today.  The team was represented by a record twenty one runners, with many outstanding individual and team results.

Leading the way once more were Troy Cox and Katherine Ahokas.  Big T finished 4th overall in the Masters race with nearly 300 runners, was 2nd in his 45-49 age group and was the leader of his men’s 40-49 team.  Katherine was the third overall woman today in the Master’s race, and 1st in the 30-34 age group.  This is especially impressive considering that just over a month ago Katherine ran a smoking fast marathon in Victoria. Continue reading

MARSians Represent

Start of Sunnybrook 8K XC

Start of Sunnybrook 8K XC

MARSians represented all over Ontario yesterday!

At The Hamilton Road 2 Hope Marathon, MARSian Rebecca Francis ran a Boston Marathon qualifying standard of 3:34:20 and was the second place woman in her age category.  Lia Kutzsher also completed the race with a Boston qualifying time and was third in her age group, only a few months after racing Ironman Muskoka.  Sharon Bennett, though injured battled her way to a marathon finish.  Congrats to these intrepid MARSians.

In Toronto, MARS took park in the third race in the Ontario Masters XC Series at the Sunnybrook 8K.  Leading the way were the men’s 40-49 team of Troy Cox, Chris Watson, Pierre Mikhail and Tony Marra.  The team is 2/2 this season winning both series races they have competed in.  In addition, MARS had 2nd place finish in the women’s 30-39, and 3rd place finishes in women’s 40-49 and 50-59.

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