What a day for MARS members on Saturday October 3, 2016!

In Collingwood, a group led by coach extraordinaire, Katherine Ahokas, kicked some serious butt at The Collingwood Half Marathon and 10K.  There were many PRs in both events.  Lowell Greib finished 8th overall in 1:25:55.  Kirsten Jewell was 5/160 women in 1:39:23.  Brent Hauck was 27th overall in 1:40:31.  Darla Coles 19/160 women, Susanne Allen 22/160 women and Kelly Milson 27/160.  Also, completing the half were Maria Fletcher, Gary Heinz and Brittany Robins.  Sandra O’Dell, Winona Hunter, Melanie Mar, Michele Fletcher and Tanis Wettlaufer all completed the 10K, with Sandra and Melanie finishing 5 and 7th out 124! Congratulations to all!  Rumour has it that many of these intrepid runners will be joining MARS training runs Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We can’t wait!

At the same time that these runners were flying down their course, many MARS members and members of the Huntsville Hoyas High School XC Team were competing in the Muskoka Mud Run.  Runners competed in the 5 or 9K events.  In the 5K event Huntsville Hoyas Zac Pinheiro, Owen Johnstone and Mitchell Cox placed 2,4, and 5th out of 88 runners. Fiona Shearing placed 8th overall and was the first female runner to cross the line.  Pretty impressive for a grade 8!  In the team event, Hoyas Coaches Kate Burgess, Catherine Smith, Susan Verkuyl and Sarah Phillips were victorious as “Hoya Ladies”.

In the 9K race, Troy Cox won followed by MARSians Chris Watson, Mark Sinnige and Pierre Mikhail in 2,4 and 5th place.  MARSian Melissa Kosowan was the first woman and 8th overall.  Two MARS teams battled it out for the team award with “2nd Chance On MARS” outrunning “Big Cox Runners” for first place.  Congratulations to all runners!

IMG_6208 IMG_6213 IMG_6212 IMG_6211 IMG_6223 IMG_6218 IMG_6235 IMG_6214

If you’re hooked on XC, why not join us for our next race at Sunnybrook Park (8K) on November 1.  Details here.

Next MARS workouts are 6:15 from Conroy Track Tuesday and Thursday this week.

See you on the roads and trails…

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