Lieutenant Dan Rocks Cayuga 50 and More!

MARS is in full spring swing. Our Fun Runs have been a great success and we now have six in the books, with three to go. After that we will take a short early summer Fun Run break then start back up August 4 until September 8 for another 6 weeks. Whether you are just covering the distance (5-6.5K) or racing for gold, we welcome you. The runs are full of friendly, supportive people, start at 6 pm and are always finished before 7 pm.

Results of the most current MARS Fun Run:

5km Race (4.95) can be found here.

1 mile race can be found here.

Pictures from our mile race are below:

IMG_6208 IMG_6209 IMG_6203 IMG_6210 IMG_6204 IMG_6211 IMG_6205 IMG_6212 IMG_6206

Registration information for upcoming MARS Fun Runs can be  found here 

One of our favourite MARSians, “Lieutenant” “Danimal” Dan Quigg completed the Cayuga 50 mile Trail Race this past weekend. Dan had an incredible race, posting a 20 minute negative split (his second half was 20 minutes faster than his first half). We are all really proud of Lieutenant Dan! Dan’s wife, Michelle, shared these words and pictures form the race in Ithaca, NY:

“We’re home.
Dan loved his race and was thankful for the support you have all given him as he trained for it. Even though none of you were there he knew some of you would be keeping tabs on him and tracking him.  It was an encouragement for sure. The course was absolutely gorgeous.  It ran through two state parks.  (Robert H. Treman & Buttermilk Falls). The Cayuga50 ( is only about 4 years old..maybe only 3.

There were thunderstorms the night before and it cooled off drastically which was perfect for the runners. There was a light rain in the morning, and in the afternoon a short heavy rain.  It was slippery in places and there were some creek crossings.  At half way Dan said he was still feeling great.  He had gone out slow and just enjoyed the first lap. Lap two he sped up. Throughout lap one I had begun to get used to the people in his group of runners, and during lap 2 he was coming in ahead of people I had been used to being in front of him.  He was gaining position. There were tough stairs for both directions of the course.  Beautiful waterfalls throughout.  It was a tough trail, as most people said, and warned but everyone said it was one of the most beautiful trails.

Dan finished earlier than I had expected. There were some timing issues so the official times are not posted yet. According to the clock there, he did the 50 miles in 9:46. As soon as he could remove his shoes, he changed and put on his How’s it Growing socks, thankful, once again, for the support you have all been. He is planning to come tonight to the race to chat with you all. (not run, just cheer)”

IMG_6192 IMG_6202 IMG_6201 IMG_6151 IMG_6114 IMG_6198 IMG_6197 IMG_6195

Our spring/summer schedule has begun. The club meets Tuesdays and Thursday mornings at 6:15 am at Conroy Track. These workouts last 60-90 minutes and there are opportunities to leave whenever you need to, as we typically run on out and back, circuit or track courses. Sunday mornings are typically a longer run, but again out and back and often followed by coffee and/or a swim and snacks. The starting point varies and is listed on our TeamSnap calendar. Drop ins are welcome. Download the waiver and pay $5 to try us out. Our $25 memberships are tough to beat, considering you get access to a great training calendar.

Our spring/summer/fall training leads to our club’s goal cross country races, The Ontario and Canadian Cross Country Championships as well as the high school races for our high school runners. This training can also be used to prepare for 10K, 1/2 and full marathons too. Our fall race series is listed below:

Taylor Creek 5K Cross Country – Sept 27

Muskoka Mud Run – October 3

Toronto Half Marathon – October 18

Sunnybrook Park 8K – November 1

Ontario Cross Country Championships – Etobicoke – Nov 15 (overnight stay Nov 14 planned)

Canadian Cross Country Championships – Kingston ON – Nov 28 (overnight stays Nov 27,28 planned)

All of these races are optional. If you are running XC for the first time, MARS will pay for your first race and transportation to that race. Those runners planning to compete in the XC races will need a Masters Competitive Membership ($55). If you already have non-competitive membership you can upgrade by paying the difference.

For those new to XC, we have prepared a primer to xc racing link below.


Don’t forget to support local races this summer:

Band on the Run June 13

Limberlost Challenge July 11

Muskoka Rocks August 2 

Run For A Way September 6

So take a chance, run XC.

See you on the roads…..

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