MARS Stomps On Winter

On MARS, we are tired of pretending that winter is going to end.  We have accepted that it won’t end, at least not anytime soon.  Still, there’s a great deal to run toward right now as we head into April.

The Around The Bay 30K road race takes place next Sunday March 29.  There are 30+ local runners heading to Hamilton to rock that town.  6 of those runners will use this as their last tune up before they and two others head to Boston for The Boston Marathon on April 20.  Following these spring races, MARS will continue its scheduled runs Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays with base training and then will ramp things up again for our summer program to get runners ready for fall XC season again.  Details of our summer program will be available by May 2015.

MARSians at the 2014 Bay Race

MARSians at the 2014 Bay Race

We are fairly hopeful that by the time late April arrives we will be full into spring.  That’s important, because beginning Tuesday April 28, MARS is launching its much anticipated 9 week Spring Fun Run Series.  This series is open to runners of all ages.  It will be free to members and $5 per race for non-members.  Club membership is only $25 so why not join?  Details of the series can be found here.

MARS is returning to Vermont and Craftsbury Outdoor Center’s High School XC Running Camp June 28-July 4 (departing Huntsville June 27). It’s a fabulous opportunity to run, be coached by an Olympian and meet other kids from across North America. So far we have 6 kids confirmed filling one Van and have room for another 6. However, the camp fills at 20 and they have 12 confirmed already. We expect them to fill very quickly now that March Break is over.  Click here for details.

Here in Muskoka we are so fortunate to have so many great local races.  In the next several months we have Band on the Run, Muskoka Rocks, The Limberlost Challenge, Run For A Way and The Muskoka Mud Run.  Click on the race name for details.

For those of you that like to plan ahead, put away your excuses and think about running Masters Cross Country in 2015. The dates for the fall 2015 series are available now.  This year (and for the next 4), the Canadian Cross Country Championships are in Kingston.  For the Ontario Championships masters age is 30 and over and for the Canadian Championships it is 35 and over.  Dates of 2015 XC Races are:

Taylor Creek 5K Cross Country – Sept 27

Don Farquharson Harriers 4K – October 4 (most locals do the Oct 5 Mud Run instead)

Sunnybrook Park 8K – November 1

Ontario Cross Country Championships – Etobicoke – Nov 15

Canadian Cross Country Championships – Kingston ON – Nov 28

You may think, “I couldn’t possibly do a race that ends with the word “championships” but we think you are wrong.  Check out some of these awesome runners and ask yourself if maybe you could see yourself here!

IMG_9825 IMG_9833 IMG_9852

Finally, Canadian Running Magazine has some advice for new members to running clubs below:

How to annoy your new running club

1. List all of your PBs and major races, giving every last detail

Nobody likes a bragger. Sure you’re excited to be among your type of people but if you start listing all of your accomplishments (especially if you haven’t asked your new friends about any of theirs) people will see you as a show off. That’s a bad first impression and you’ll be find yourself having to prove yourself later.

2. Race your new friends during a “relaxed” run

When the new person shows up and turns a relaxed run into a race, resentment among group members builds. Plus, you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re finding the pace is way off from what you’re used to, you might be better off finding a different group but right now, don’t ruin it for everyone else by turning this into a fast workout.

3. Cut off other runners while making your way to the front

Everyone has the right to their own personal space. Cutting off a fellow runner is a huge no-no. This is one sure way to get clubs members to not like you.

4. Complain about the pace

Don’t complain. Nobody likes whiner when running. First of all, it brings negativity into the group, second of all, you’re making everyone else feel bad about themselves and that’s just not good sportsmanship.

5. Tell everyone you know a better route

This is similar to number one. You are bragging and it also looks like you don’t appreciate the route that someone else has taken the time to map and measure. This is sort of like getting invited to dinner and saying you know a better soup recipe. Don’t do it.

6. Give running advice without being asked

So you’re running beside someone and you just know a simple fix that will help them with their form. Or you know that the person in front of you would do well running in a different type of shoe. Guess what? They didn’t ask for your opinion. You might think you’re just being helpful, but unwarranted advice can be seen as annoying or rude. Wait until the friendship forms before politely making a suggestion to help a buddy out.

7. Complain about the distance

To you, that 7K might have been a breeze. To another person though, that might have been a new milestone or accomplishment. If you finish a run and say something along the lines of “That’s it? I usually finish a full 12K,” you are making little of everyone else’s efforts. You might not get invited back.

8. Trash talk your old group

Even if this new group seems to be a much better fit, don’t think comparing your old group to them is going to flatter anyone. They might just be wondering what you’re saying about them behind their back.

9. Bad mouth anyone in the racing scene

So you know another runner who has been rude to you or who has been a terrible loser in a race. Don’t tell anyone about this. You might find out that the person you are bad mouthing is the best friend of a group member. Or worse, they’re part of this group but sitting out today’s session!

10. Tell your grossest running story and give too much information

We all have a funny story about poop or snot. Let the relationships get a little closer before giving too much information about your bodily functions. Telling these kinds of stories too soon can be a little awkward for some people.”

See you on the (icy) roads……

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