MARS March Meltdown?

MARS has finally hit March, so spring must be close.  It’s hard to tell looking through all the snow falling.

It’s crunch time for Around The Bay Runners, with less than a month of training left.  The hardest segment of training is underway.  MARSians meeting this morning did a difficult Even Steven workout, with lots of running at race pace or faster.  We actually ran on real pavement for significant stretches which was great.  Join MARS and have access to our training calendar at TeamSnap.  Membership information can be found here.

Check out the Around The Bay course to start visualizing!


In 7 weeks, 8 MARS members will head to Boston to run the Boston Marathon.  Good luck to Troy Cox, Mark Sinnige, Pierre Mikhail, Dave Johnstone, Lowell Greib, Katherine Ahokas, Jess Sheppard, and Martina Morton. We are hoping the snow is gone by then.

MARS runners have entered the debate regarding equality for girls running cross country in both high school and university. We have written letters to OFSAA President Jim Woolley and have posted on the Trackie website.  OFSAA has not responded to letters to date other than to say they have looked at the issue in the past and rejected it.  We feel strongly that we should advocate for equal distances for boys/girls, regardless of what that distance is.  Follow the debate here.  You can also email Mr Wooley yourself at and let him know your view.  To see some letters from our runners check this out.


The club supports the Hoya Hills XC Invitational and there are plans to equalize distances at the race September 2015. If OFSAA won’t provide leadership we hope to set a good example for them.

Registration continues to fill for Craftsbury Outdoor Center’s High School XC Camp.  Join the 4 high schoolers currently attending and run with high school runners from all over the USA in Vermont’s beautiful northern kingdom. Make great new friends, improve your running and have a first class summer camp experience.  For more details click here.


Don’t forget our great local race, Band on The Run, June 13, 2015.  For information on this and other local races click here.  In addition, MEC has an inexpensive race series which can be found at their website,  A list of their races in Barrie can be found below.

Race Dates

Finally, MARS has developed some winter running rules to keep you safe from the elements, from cars, and from other runners:

1. When it’s below -30C, apply petroleum jelly…..apply it liberally and cross your fingers.

2. If someone says, “I can look inside your face, is that bad?”, take it seriously but keep running.

3. Wear a headlamp on morning winter runs or Traffic Cop Roger will give you a ticket, or possibly a hug.

4. Snowbank showboating is dangerous for many, many reasons.

5. Running circles around The President, figuratively or literally, is strictly forbidden.

6. Post run saunas followed by hot tubs require the buddy system.

7. If The President falls down going around a corner, the appropriate response is never, “kick him”.

8. Pouring sugar on cornbread is weird.

9. Post run tingles are ok.

10. Angry uphill running makes you warmer.

See you on the roads…..

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