February MARS Blahs

Winter continues on MARS but that has not stopped us. 

The Hilly Chilly Half MARSathon is Sunday February 22, 2015.  Bib pick up at 8:30 at Pierre’s house, race start 09:00 am.  Details here.  Runners can bring their own water bottles with their preferred in race nutrition and it will be taken to the turnaround point on Limberlost Rd.  

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Still Winter On MARS

It’s still winter on MARS and will be for a while.  Despite this, 7 MARSians braved -30C and ran 32K with the last 3K at marathon race pace.  There were frozen water bottles, frozen privates, bloody toes and one member of A Flock Of Seagulls.  Come run with us to find out what that all means.  The recovery shakes, sauna and hot tub make it all worthwhile.

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