-30C Runs on MARS

MARS Limited Edition Coffee Mug

MARS Limited Edition Coffee Mug

It’s cold on MARS…..really, really cold.  So cold that even the President considers not coming out.  The problem is MARS is full of crazy runners coming out in the dozens now for morning workouts….ok, maybe not dozens but definitely dozen!  And on top of that there’s a runner (Jess) who wakes up at a time that has “a number that starts with a 4” to come to morning runs from Rosseau.  In addition, some runners who start work early have been showing up 15 minutes early to get a good warm up in.  They make the president and two VPs look soft.

On Tuesday this week, MARSians braved -32C to do a Fartlek/Tabata workout at 6:15 am.  Handsome Roger decided that instead of yelling “on” or “off” to signal the start/end of an interval, instead we should scream “Walker!”….he’s been watching a little too much Walking Dead.  Today, MARSians did some pretty brutal hill repeats at 6 am in -25C behind the Summit Center.  Join us Sunday for our long run (30K this week) at 7:30 am at Pierre’s house.  Run less if you want/start later and meet up with us for coffee/snacks/sauna/hot tub after…. Continue reading

New Year on MARS!

Welcome to 2015 on MARS. There’s lots going on so pay attention!

The Sunday MARS Long Run tradition continues.  Do not be afraid to join in.  We will always do an out and back and you are welcome to do as little or as much as you want, timing your finish to end with us for coffee and snacks afterwards.  Today, we completed The MARS Triathlon (run, sauna, hot tub) and hope to make this a tradition.

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