Changes on MARS

Happy Holidays to all of you on MARS!  Stay safe, stay fit and keep running.

There have been some changes to how the club will manage itself moving forward.  Until this month, we posted a training calendar for free at our website, accessible to the public.  The training calendar geared itself towards a spring half marathon/marathon and a fall cross country season.  Beginning this month, this training calendar will only be available to club members.  Once a member renews or buys a membership, the club will send them an email inviting them to join TeamSnap.  Given that the cheapest club membership is only $25, we feel that this is a bargain.

TeamSnap is web and app-based program that allows members to access the club calendar, communicate with other club members and indicate whether they will be attending a workout.  Once you accept an invitation from TeamSnap, you can decide what forms of communication and how much you wish to receive.  TeamSnap can be accessed by users both online and using their App.

Workouts continue this week for club members with a 12 noon Steady State Run departing from Tim Horton’s on Highway 60 on Thursday.  In addition, we have a long run followed by coffee and treats Sunday 7:30 am departing from Pierre Mikhail’s house.  Details at TeamSnap calendar for members.

The Masters Ontario Indoor Track season starts in January.  Tired of the snow and winter?  Why not try an indoor track race?  The dates of the races are January 11, January 25, February 8, February 22 and March 14-15.  Details on these races can be found here. 

Members planning to run indoor track, outdoor track or fall XC should purchase a Masters Membership rather than a non-competitive membership.  If you are unsure you can update from a noncompetitive membership at a later date. 2015 memberships are available now.  Download forms here and then take them to TheSportLab to process the fees.  Gear orders can also be made at The SportLab and can be viewed here

MARS is heading to the oldest race in North America in the new year.  No, it’s not the Boston Marathon, though we are going there too.  The Around The Bay 30K is the oldest road race in North America, “even older than Boston”.  It’s not too late to register.  Click here for details. 10K relay option still open though 15K relay option is already sold out.  The 30K will close after they reach 9000 participants.

See you on the roads, this year and next!

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