MARS Dog Days of Summer

Summers is moving into its dog days but not on MARS.

Congrats to MARSian Katherine Ahokas. Kat traveled to Helsinki last Tuesday, managed jet lag, then was the 8th woman at The Helsinki Marathon in 3:08 and change. That is two sub 3:10 marathons in 12 weeks for Kat. She also ran 3 hours and change May 25 in Vermont. We can’t wait to see how Kat does in Boston. Congratulations! Lowell Greib also ran but had a tough day. We know Lowell will bounce back and conquer Boston in April.

MARSian and TriMuskokan Roger Penney competed in Ironman Mt Tremblant today. Roger was a rock, turning in a time of 11 hours and fifty one minutes with a very strong run. Joining Roger on the course from Muskoka were Deb Harrold, Jane Wolfe and Danny Jackson. Congratulations to Roger, Deb, Jane and Danny.

In other competition news, Chris “l’il Troy” Watson will battle the Ottawa Evening Marathon Saturday August 30. Good luck Chris!

MARS workouts continue this week with a Fartlek Ladder workout Tuesday 6 pm at Conroy Park and a Hill Circuit workout 6:30 am Thursday at Conroy as well.

Fall XC races begin in September. Why not give them a try? The MARS caravan typically heads to Toronto around 9 am race day, back in time for dinner. Our race dates (modified) are:

1. Sunday September 28 5K Taylor Creek, 1 pm
2. Saturday October 4 5 or 9K Muskoka Mud Run Bracebridge
3. Sunday October 5 4K Sunnybrook Park, 1 pm (note: most of us will run Oct 4 race not Oct 5)
4. Sunday November 2 8K Sunnybrook Park, 1 pm
5. Sunday November 16 5K Ontario XC Championships, Niagara Falls

There is also a 5 Peaks Trail Series race (series finale) at Hardwood Hills Saturday September 20 (7-9K).

It’s less than three weeks before the high school XC season starts. It’s time to start running….really!

If you want to be inspired by a good kick click here.

Finally, MARS is excited to announce that we have confirmed that Three Time Olympian, Olympic Bronze Medallist (10,000m) and Three Time World Cross Country Running Champion, Lynn Jennings, is coming to Huntsville to speak Friday October 24. The talk will be open to the public. Tickets will be sold locally and information will be available here in September. Lynn will also run a practice for high schoolers and MARS members Saturday October 25, 2014.


See you on the roads!

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