MARS Summer Blast

MARS has been quiet of late, but there is still a lot going on.

MARSians Katherine Ahokas and Lowell Greib head to Helsinki soon to tackle the Helsinki Marathon August 16.  Good luck to both!

MARSian Roger Penney is competing in Ironman Canada’s event at Mt Tremblant this weekend.  Roger is a well trained machine and will knock this out of the park.  Have a great race Roger!

MARSian Chris “l’il Troy” Watson will compete in the Ottawa Evening Marathon August 30.  Chris can be heard all over Muskoka mumbling about how much it sucks to train alone in summer.  Good luck Chris!

Some community announcements:

A reminder to drive slowly in Muskoka to save lives.


Also, The Meeting Place Centre for Growth and Healing has partnered with RBC Royal Bank to host “Run for the Kids Huntsville” Sunday August 10, 2014.  This 5Km Run or Walk is in support of our local children that attend Huntsville High School suffering from mental health issues. The event is happening 9:30 am Hunters Bay Trail at KWH Pipe.  Registration opens at 8:30.

Our organized runs continue Tuesdays/Thursdays and Saturdays. See calendar for details.

High school runners, now is the time to get ready for your fall season!  Tuesdays 6 pm at Conroy Track is a great day to come join us.

Finally, some MARSians hit Pre’s Trail in Eugene and watched the IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships at Historic Hayward Field.  Pictures below:

IMG_1203 IMG_1189 IMG_1193

Best T Shirt. Ever.


See you on the roads…..

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