MARS Brings Back Run For The Doug 5K Time Trial

MARS is back after a post-marathon recovery.  We’ve brought back the popular “Run For The Doug 5K Time Trial”.  This is an event that all runners can enjoy.  This Tuesday at 6:30 am at Conroy Track we will resurrect The Doug.  We meet, then run a very easy pace 5K on the Run For The Doug course.  Then we race it, then we cool down.  See what The Doug is all about.  You may even meet The Doug, shake his hand or possibly even Hug The Doug.  To get a sneak peek at the course click here. Once our summer program starts, this workout will take place many Thursdays.  See the calendar for details.  If you like The Doug then you will like fall cross country races!

It’s time to introduce you to another MARSian.  Tina Steele has been a member on MARS since inception and may be the funniest MARSian out there.  Tina’s running seems to be hitting its full stride with several PRs in the last 2 years.  Let’s meet Tina:

Nickname(s): “Hill Conquerer”, “Swear Mumbler”

Weaknesses: Morning, Hills, Morning Hills

Favourite Races: All flat races, Yonge Street 10K, After Vermont Eating Race, All road trip races

Weaknesses: Potty Mouth, F-Bombs

Distances: Anything XC with hills, 10K, 1/2 Marathon

PRs:  1:47:40 Scotiabank 1/2 2012, 47:35 Yonge Street 10K 2013

Pre-race Rituals: Swearing

End of Race Rituals: Swearing, Crying, SwearCrying

Tina and Catherine 40-49 third place medal (Paula missing)

Tina and Catherine 40-49 third place medal Ontario Masters XC 2013


Sarah Caswell, Tina Steele, Sarah Steele, Megan Mikhail and Hannah Mikhail

Sarah Caswell, Tina Steele, Sarah Steele, Megan Mikhail and Hannah Mikhail at Yonge Street 10K

Time is running out for interested high schoolers to join the road trip to Craftsbury High School XC Camp in Vermont.  We leave June 28 and return July 5.  It’s a great way to start your summer and launch your summer running.  Contact us if you are interested or have questions.

Don’t forget Band On The Run in 6 days.  It’s not too late to register for the races and/or the concert afterwards.  Click here for details.

Early bird prices for the Muskoka Mud Run are in effect until June 30.  Click here to learn more about this great race.

Registration is open for The Limberlost Challenge.  This is a great trail race in our own backyard.  Come race it with us.  If you would rather help support the race, Neil and the gang are looking for volunteers.  Contact us if you are interested.  Click here for race details and contact information.

The awesome MARS summer program starts Tuesday June 17 at 6 pm at Conroy Park.  The first workout will be a track workout.  It’s impossible to be left behind on a 400m oval!  Find out what we are all about and learn about Dealer’s Choice.  All of our workouts are listed at our calendar at the website or here.

Other local summer races include Muskoka Rocks and Run For A Way.

Finally, if you think you can’t do it, check out this guy.  He keeps coming back for more.  If he can do it, anyone can:


See you on the roads…….



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