What’s New On MARS This Week?

Another busy week on MARS.  Our Summer Program continues Tuesday 6-8 pm, meeting at Conroy Track with a Fartlek Workout.  We leave no one behind so come see what all the fuss is about.  There will be a core/strength session at the end of the workout.  We will be there rain or shine.  Don’t be late.  Drop ins welcome for $5 with completed waiver found at our Membership Tab at website. Continue reading

MARS Lands on TriMuskoka

The MARS Summer Program launched yesterday successfully.  Despite heavy showers all day, things settled down in time for the 6 pm workout!  MARS was happy to welcome our friends from TriMuskoka, who will be joining us for our Tuesday workouts, and leading core/strength training after the run each Tuesday.  Thanks to Maddie for leading the suffering. Continue reading

MARS Brings Back Run For The Doug 5K Time Trial

MARS is back after a post-marathon recovery.  We’ve brought back the popular “Run For The Doug 5K Time Trial”.  This is an event that all runners can enjoy.  This Tuesday at 6:30 am at Conroy Track we will resurrect The Doug.  We meet, then run a very easy pace 5K on the Run For The Doug course.  Then we race it, then we cool down.  See what The Doug is all about.  You may even meet The Doug, shake his hand or possibly even Hug The Doug.  To get a sneak peek at the course click here. Once our summer program starts, this workout will take place many Thursdays.  See the calendar for details.  If you like The Doug then you will like fall cross country races! Continue reading