Summer on MARS

School is winding down, warm weather is here (with the bugs) and it’s perfect running weather.

Due to interest, the MARS Summer Program will launch a week early, starting Tuesday June 17 at 6pm at Conroy Track.  Adults members and any student members entering grade 9 in 2014 or older are welcome to join.  Locations and details of workouts can be found at Calendar Tab or here.  In general, workouts are Tuesdays 6-8 pm, Thursdays 6:30-8 am and Saturdays 6:30 am.  Membership information available here.Only two weeks left in the MARS Program for Grade 6,7,8 students.  The feedback so far is that it has been a success.  Thanks to Troy Cox, Helen Dempster, Dave Johnstone and Rob Horton.  Some of these kids will be kicking some butt at The Band on the Run, June 14.  Details on the race here.

The Women’s Running Clinic is well underway and is a smashing success.  The program is organized and coached by Dr. Katherine Ahokas, from The SportLab

MARS is crazy about Cross Country Running.  If you’ve never done this as a child/teenager, why not commit to a little summer training and then consider a race or two in the fall.  If you are over 30 years old, an Ontario Masters Membership is $50 for a year and the races are under $20. If you are already a MARS member, the fee is only $35 and we can help convert your membership to competitive status.  For most races, the MARS Caravan heads down the same day at a very reasonable 9 am and we are back by 5 pm.  The dates of the fall races are expected to be:

Sunday September 28 – Taylor Creek, Toronto –  5Km – 1pm

Sunday October 19 – Sunnybrook Park, Toronto – 4Km – 1 pm

Sunday November 2 – Sunnybrook Park, Toronto – 8Km – 1 pm

Sunday November 16 – Niagara Falls – Ontario Cross Country Championships – 5Km

Also, our very own local Muskoka Mud Run (5 and 9Km) is Saturday October 4 in Bracebridge.  Details here.

If you can’t imagine running a XC race as an adult, see if you can see yourself in some of these pictures and take a chance on some fun!

IMG_0379 IMG_1064 IMG_1141 IMG_1159

Finally, we have some pictorial evidence of this past weekend’s marathon participants.  Congrats to the runners!

MARSian Martina Morton at Ottawa Marathon with #1 fan, Hudson

MARSian Martina Morton at Ottawa Marathon with #1 fan, Hudson


Happy MARSians Pre-Race

Happy MARSians Pre-Race

MARSians, a little worse for wear, post race

MARSians, a little worse for wear, post race

See you on the roads…..


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