MARS Marathon Send Off

6 months of MARS training is coming to a close this week.  The taper is on.  MARSians are injured, sick and grumpy.  Paranoid and unreasonable.  Just a little bit of work left.  Come join us Tuesday at 7 am for our last track workout before marathon day.  We will be doing 800m repeats at Conroy Track.  Note the later start time to allow for some extra sleep.

This week’s Thursday lunch run will be canceled in favour of our next Run To The Pub event.  We are trying a new start time of 5:30 pm because of the longer days.  Meet at River Mill Park at 5:30 pm for a run and/or 6:30 pm in the pub.  Give a send off salute to your weekend marathoners and relay participants:  Troy Cox, Lowell Greib, Dave Johnstone, Mark Sinnige, Pierre Mikhail, Kat Ahokas, Jess Sheppard, Martina Morton, Wendy Shirtliff and Tina Steele. Join us all for a beer as the carbo loading begins!

There will be no organized Saturday run this week.

Don’t forget our friends at Sunday Morning Run in Huntsville, Ontario Facebook Page.  Check out their page for details of their next Sunday run.

The details of the MARS Summer Program are now finalized.  Workouts will be Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays.   Tuesdays 6-8 pm at Conroy Park.  These will be co-hosted with TriMuskoka.  We will organize the run portion from 6-7:30pm and TriMuskoka will offer a 30 min core/strength workout right after at no extra cost to our runners.  Thursday and Saturday workouts will be 6:30 am.  Details at Calendar tab of website.

See you on the roads……



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