MARS On Yonge Street and More!

Muskoka Algonquin Runners was at the Yonge Street 10K this weekend.  We spotted some awesome runners from Muskoka there.

Sarah Caswell, Tina Steele, Sarah Steele, Megan Mikhail and Hannah Mikhail

Sarah Caswell, Tina Steele, Sarah Steele, Megan Mikhail and Hannah Mikhail

MARS continues its challenging spring this week with Snowstorm Yasso 800s this morning.  The club welcomed new members this morning.  If you can run 800s in a blizzard you belong on MARS.  Welcome Chris and Rebecca!

Check out the calendar for details of all runs.

There is still some space at Craftsbury High School XC Camp in Vermont.  The camp runs June 29-July 5.  We depart the morning of June 28.  Camp details can be found here.  Contact us to inquire about space in our vans to get to the camp.

MARS is going to the Toronto Marathon/Half Marathon on May 4.  Details here.

This Thursday is our next Run To The Pub event.  Meet 4:30 pm at River Mill Park for a run and/or 5:30 pm in the pub.  Memberships available inside the pub from us.  It is also a MARS birthday this Thursday.  Happy Birthday Lowell!

Speaking of Lowell, it is time to introduce you to our next MARSian.  Lowell Greib has been a member on MARS since inception.  We are proud to have Lowell and The SportLab as MARS sponsors this year.  The SportLab focuses on Sport Injury Prevention, Sport Therapy and Sport Nutrition.  It is rumored that when a club member circulated an “alleged” photo of Lowell eating a box of donuts before a race that he made that member “disappear”.  Let’s learn more about Lowell:

Nickname(s): “Dr. Handsome”, “The Angry Runner”

Weaknesses: Flat ground, Donuts (but we will deny we said that)

Favourite Races: Every Uphill Race, Would love to run up Everest if people did that and survived

Distances : anything up a hill; “either nothing at all or really, really long runs…nothing in between”

Career PR: whatever it was, it was done with  no race nutrition or hydration; wrangling a household of wild dogs and twins and living to tell the tale

Pre-Race Rituals: a carefully engineered cocktail of Vitargo, caffeine and Boston Cream donuts (careful, though: I don’t think clients are supposed to know about the donuts!)

End-of-Run Rituals: “here, drink this:  it’ll make you tingle”

Describe MARS in One Sentence: Lowelling

Lowell at the 2013 Taylor Creek Masters 5K XC race

Lowell at the 2013 Taylor Creek Masters 5K XC race

See you on the roads!

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