MARS Marches On

We are settled back on MARS after racing last weekend.  We are getting a little impatient with the “spring thaw”.  In fact, we’d say it’s getting a little ridiculous.  Still, we will run on.  At least there is daylight now and we don’t have to check each other for frostbite after our morning runs.

This week’s long run was pushed back from Thursday until Sunday morning, meeting at the Summit Center at 7 am (April 6).  Tuesday morning’s workout will be an awesome pace practice workout.  The hard running will total 30 minutes but there will be rest breaks after each segment.  Come out and give it a try.  We will do this on a loop course.  Thursday noon long run (from Tim Horton’s on Highway 60) will be an out and back course.  Next Saturday’s workout will depend on whether you are racing the 10K in Toronto or not Sunday.  See Calendar tab for details and changes.

MARS is working on putting together a program for both high schoolers and adults wanting to prepare for a fall XC season.  Cross Country running is a spring and summer sport played in the fall.  The best way to accomplish your goals is to arrive in September ready to go.  There is a base training calendar available at Hoyas Connection tab for high schoolers that so far goes to mid July and starts April 28.  It will be extended through the summer and as well, in the next few weeks there will be a similar calendar for adults at the Calendar tab.  Our plan this summer is to offer morning workouts Tuesday and Saturday at 6:30 am and Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm for MARS members.  We are looking for anyone interested in helping lead even 2-3 runs all summer.  The workouts will be easy to follow.  All runners welcome. High school XC distances vary from 3-7 km depending on age and the Masters races are 4-8km.

There is still some space at Craftsbury High School XC Camp.  Contact us for details.  Camp details here. The club executive approved a $500 donation to this trip to help pay for the one night hotel accomodation en route.  The club also approved a $250 donation to Huntsville Hurricanes track program for their 8 week program which begins April 23.  MARS will be offering a Sunday clinic beginning April 27 for grade 6,7 and 8s interested in running the Band on the Run 5K June 14.  Hurricanes can opt in once the program starts.  Runners wishing only to attend the Sunday MARS session can simply get a MARS membership and show up Sundays at 4 pm beginning April 27.  Click here for Hurricanes details.

Don’t forget our next Run To The Pub event April 17 at 4:30.  The snow has to be gone by then.  We will also be celebrating a MARS birthday that day so come out and join us.  Memberships available after the run in the pub. Meet 4:30 pm at River Mill Park to run and 5:30 pm inside the pub afterwards.

It’s time to meet another MARSian.  Although Roger Penney is not the President of MARS he started the ball rolling.  18 months ago Roger had the idea to gather runners together for some Saturday morning workouts.  Around the same time, the idea for a running club came to us and many of the details were worked out on our Saturday runs.  Roger has an infectious personality, and is always quick with a smile or encouragement.  Club members understand only 30% of what he says because when he’s happy he breaks out into Newfie-Speak but we’ve all learned to smile and nod our head when Roger speaks to us.  Here’s what you need to know about Roger:

Nickname(s): “Riverdance”; “Penny Rogers”

Weaknesses: Newfie-Speak, Food, Watching Leaf Game With Friends in Leaf Jersey

Favourite Races: Ironman 2014; One day a marathon

Distances Run: Triathlons, 30K, 10K, XC Races

Career PR: Around The Bay 30K 2014 2:05:47; Sporting Life 10K 2013 39:07

Pre-Race Rituals: Looking Good

End-of-Run Rituals: Hugging anyone in a 50m radius, Newfie-Speak

Translating Roger:

Arse foremost =  backwards

Garnteed, bye – I agree

Goin’? She wudden’t goin’ now I know – We’re running fast

You’re as slow as cold molasses – That’s slow, run faster

Describe MARS in One Sentence: “Can we start at 6 am instead of 6:30”

Riverdance Roger

Riverdance Roger

Roger at Sunnybrook 8K XC November 2013

Roger at Sunnybrook 8K XC November 2013

More Riverdance Roger

More Riverdance Roger


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