Holiday On MARS

MARS will take a break from organized runs next week during the school March Break.  We are sure members will still find each other to run.  Regular scheduled runs resume Tuesday March 18 at 6:30 am in the High School parking lot.  That day we will do a stride workout.  If you have no idea what that is, come out and find out!

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement regarding a 8 week running clinic to begin in late April for those interested in training for a 5 or 10k at Band on the Run.  There will be a group dedicated to our grade 6,7,8 runners lead by Troy Cox.  More details after the break.

We’d like to introduce you to another MARSian.  Helen Dempster has been a member on MARS since inception.  Helen is kind and gentle and shuns all attention directed her way.  She may have even threatened violence against MARS for publishing this post.  But don’t be fooled by her soft demeanor.  Anyone who had the opportunity to observe her race the Ontario Masters XC championships in November can vouch for just how bad-ass Helen is.  We are pretty sure Helen was hours away from death from pneumonia.  Though she looked like she would keel over and die at any moment, Helen pushed through sickness and discomfort to place second in her age category. She is always a fierce competitor through every step of every race, which is why we were surprised when The Doug didn’t lose an arm after deciding to hold Helen’s hand while crossing the finish line at the Muskoka Mud Run.

Holding Hands With The Doug

Holding Hands With The Doug

Meet Helen:

Nickname(s): “Long Legs”, “The Running  Dead”

Weaknesses: “Weakness”, “Chocolate and Candy”

Favourite Races: “Muddy and hilly cross country races”

Distances Run: “5-21K generally. Will tackle another marathon in Vermont this May”

Career PR: Goodlife Toronto 1/2 Marathon May 2013 in 1:30:37

Pre-Race Rituals: “Lining up at porto-potty”, being so sick she is practically dead on her feet

End-of-Race Rituals:Holding hands with men who aren’t Tony

Favourite Quote after completing a long run: “f#c&ity f#c&!”

Describe MARS in One Word: “Cold”

See you on the roads!

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