MARS March Madness

MARSians everywhere are wondering when they will have dry roads under their feet?  Why not come to the Ontario Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships this weekend and run in perfect weather?  Click here for details.

MARS would like to introduce another of its runners.  Katherine Ahokas “exploded” onto the running scene in 2008 and her results have improved steadily each year.  In February of 2014 she went under 1:25 in the half marathon and she has big plans for the rest of the year.  Meet Katherine:

Nickname: “Puma Pants”

Weaknesses: “Planning bathroom breaks”

Favourite Races: “Hopefully Helsinki Marathon 2014”

Distances Run: “Half or longer. Ultra distance with Ultra Lowell on occasion”

Career PR: 1:24:50 IMS Arizona Half Marathon in 2014, 2nd overall woman and 15th overall out of 828

Pre Race Rituals: “That’s Private”

Training Strategy/Motto/Motivation: “Sub 3 in 2014”

Favourite Quote: (after completing a long run): “I feel like as#”

Describe MARS in one word: “Early”


Trail running and with partner Lowell

Gear Orders and Memberships are available through the SportLab.  Samples for sizing are available.

MARS Training Runs continue this week with a Fartlek run 6:30 am Tuesday from HHS parking lot, long run 12 noon from Tim Horton’s on Highway 60 on Thursday and Saturday workout at 6:30 am (see Calendar tab for location).  All are welcome.

The next Run To The Pub will be Thursday March 27.  Meet at River Mill Park at 4:30 pm to run and/or 5:30 pm inside the Pub.  New members are welcome.  With any luck it will be sunny and warm.

Craftsbury High School Cross Country Running Camp is June 29 – July 5, with departure June 28 and return late July 5.  There are still spaces left at the camp and room in our travel vans but spots are filling fast.  Director of Running Lynn Jennings tells us that they have advertised recently throughout the US and expect the camp to fill in the next 6 weeks.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  Click here for details and contact Pierre Mikhail with questions.

Finally, if you are still having trouble getting motivated to get out there and run, check this out:

See you on the (snowy) roads!

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