MARSians Are The Best

You might argue that the extent and severity of our winter is no longer funny.  We are happy (not really) for all the skiers out there but each day are hopeful spring will, well…spring.  While you are waiting, consider the following developments on MARS.

Gear Orders are available through the SportLab and can be seen at the BLING section of this website.  The first order will be going in soon so don’t delay.  Samples for sizing are available at the SportLab.

Memberships for Muskoka Algonquin Runners for  2014 are available now.  Download registration form at membership tab, complete and pay at the SportLab.  Noncompetitive memberships are only $20, the best deal in town.

The MARS Roadtrip to the Keybank Vermont City Marathon departs May 22 and returns May 25.  Ten MARSians are so far heading to Vermont.  The Marathon Relay lottery (2-5 person teams) closes February 28.  Click here for details.

The MEC 2014 Race Series has been announced.  Race dates are April 5, May 10, June 28, September 13 and October 25.  The race distances vary from 5K to 1/2 Marathon and the cost is a reasonable $15.  Many of the races are in the Orillia area.  Details here.

MARS Training Runs continue this week with long run 12 noon from Tim Horton’s on Highway 60 on Thursday and Saturday workout at 6:30 am (see Calendar tab for location).  All are welcome.

The next Run To The Pub will be Thursday March 27.  Meet at River Mill Park at 4:30 pm to run and/or 5:30 pm inside the Pub.  New members are welcome.  With any luck it will be sunny and warm.

Craftsbury High School Cross Country Running Camp is June 29 – July 5, with departure June 28 and return late July 5.  There are still spaces left at the camp and room in our travel vans but spots are filling fast.  If you are thinking about attending now is the time to act.  Last year we had to turn away two runners who expressed their interest too late after camp had filled.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime.  Click here for details and email Pierre Mikhail with any questions. See what past attendees have to say:

“It was such a pleasure to spend the week with people who have a passion for running and a healthy lifestyle. Every day was exciting and always challenging and very rewarding. The entire camp staff was friendly and helpful. I love Craftsbury!”

“Craftsbury has enriched my life, not just my running. I love it. What a special place!”

IMG_3021 IMG_3129 IMG_3155

It’s time to meet our next MARSian….. Troy Cox has been running since before he could walk.  Troy is Vice President of Muskoka Algonquin Runners and also supports the club with a generous donation from Pharmasave.  It has been said by many that Troy is “talented”.  While that may be true, what is truer is the fact that he is a dedicated runner, following the 10,000 hours principle (or perhaps 10,000 miles) in achieving excellence.  He earns every ounce of speed he has.  Troy helped coach our Huntsville Hoyas Cross Country Team this past fall.  At one particularly difficult practice, some teenaged boys were in awe of the speed of one of their coaches who they could not keep up with.  Two boys were overheard having the following conversation:

Boy 1: :”Who is that old guy?  He’s really fast”

Boy 2: “I think he used to be Semi-Pro”

Troy’s running accomplishments are too many to mention in their entirety here.  He holds the Masters Record for the Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon at 1:12:42 in 2009.  In 2007 he came 27th at the Ottawa Marathon in a time of 2:36 and change.  If you think he’s slowing down, think again.  In 2013 Troy placed 7th overall in the Goodlife Toronto Marathon and first in his age group.  Troy anchored the MARS Men’s 40-49 team that won the 2013 Ontario Masters XC Championships in November 2013.

Troy2 Troy

MARS has compiled some running essentials about Troy from the runners who know him best (Troy declined being interviewed for this post, asking “What’s MARS?”).  We made stuff up:

Nickname: “Semi-Pro”

Weaknesses: Hotel Bookings

Favourite Races: “Whatever I run because I always win”

Distances Run: “None of your business”

Career PR: “Tricking Doug into running The Run For The Doug…and beating him”

Pre Race Rituals: “Telling My Club mates that it’s ok not to be as fast as  me unless it makes us lose”

Training Strategy/Motto/Motivation: “If I can put up with those idiots all week I can do my real long run on Sunday.  Damn they are slow.  I try to run up and down on the spot but I think they notice…..”

Favourite Quote: “Who Are You?”

Describe MARS in one word: “What’s MARS?”

See you on the roads!

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