Meet Our MARSians

Is it getting lighter out and warmer?  Could ski season be winding down, or as we like to call it on MARS, snowland season?  Come join us this week for some runs during a recovery week:

Tuesday 6:30 am at High School Parking Lot for a Stride Workout.  This is as fun as it gets – short 25s accelerations after going for an easy run

Thursday noon from HWY 60 Tim Horton’s for an out and back long run.

Saturday morning 6:15 am at Tim Horton’s on Highway 60 for a tempo run and coffee afterwards.  All levels of runner welcome.

Also, this Thursday our latest Run To The Pub event, meeting 4:30 pm at River Mill Park for a run and/or 5:30  pm at the Pub for a drink.  New members welcome.

MARS would like to congratulate club member Katherine Ahokas for crushing it at The IMS Arizona Half Marathon in Arizona,  Kat beat her personal best by over two minutes, running under 1:25 and finishing as third overall woman!  Congrats to Kat!


Kat with top Master’s Runner

MARS would like to introduce you to some of its runners, perhaps to lure you out of hibernation.  Our first Runner’s Bio is on Jess Sheppard.  Jess was the first club member to email with interest when the club was born.  After a few false starts she committed.  Her false starts weren’t due to a lack of love of running.  She is hardcore.  No, Jess likely hesitated because each time she trains on MARS, she drives from Rosseau.  That might not sound like much, but it is when runs start at 6:30 am.  Jess is often heard saying “I woke up today at a time that starts with the number 4”.  Here are some of Jess’s running essentials:

Favourite Races: Limberlost Challenge, Creemore Challenge and anything on a track.

Distances Run: Everything from 600m to 50K except the Marathon.  She will check that one off her list May 25 in Vermont.

Career PR: Harassing club VP Troy Cox at Run To The Pub until he ordered a local craft beer instead of Coor’s Light.

Pre Race Rituals: Making a list and checking it twice.

Training Strategy/Motto/Motivation: Overdoing it and trying to hang on.

Favourite Quote (from “Again To Carthage”): “It also occurred to me that I had a little bit of time left to reclaim it. To be a runner again, to know precisely what it is I’m trying to accomplish every day. It won’t be the same, I know. It can’t be. But it can be something.”

Why Run Vermont City Marathon: “Pierre Pressure”

Describe MARS in one word: Cathartic

Jess racing

Jess racing

Don’t forget the next Masters Indoor Track Meet is also the Ontario Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships. March 9 at York University.  Escape the snow and run with us indoors.  Information here.

Finally, don’t forget The Craftsbury High School XC Camp June 28-July 5.  Contact us for more details.

See you on the roads.

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