MARSians Are The Best

You might argue that the extent and severity of our winter is no longer funny.  We are happy (not really) for all the skiers out there but each day are hopeful spring will, well…spring.  While you are waiting, consider the following developments on MARS.

Gear Orders are available through the SportLab and can be seen at the BLING section of this website.  The first order will be going in soon so don’t delay.  Samples for sizing are available at the SportLab.

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The Wait On MARS Is Over!

The sexy new MARS gear designs are here!


Racing singlets, tech Ts, training pullover and socks available for order from The SportLab in the following packages:

1. Standard Gear $60 (Tech T Shirt and Socks)

2. Muskoka Algonquin Runners Team Kit $195 (Tech T Shirt, racing singlet, training pullover and socks)

This is high quality performance gear from Champion Systems with design work by SportLab.  Samples are available for sizing when you order.

Meet Our MARSians

Is it getting lighter out and warmer?  Could ski season be winding down, or as we like to call it on MARS, snowland season?  Come join us this week for some runs during a recovery week:

Tuesday 6:30 am at High School Parking Lot for a Stride Workout.  This is as fun as it gets – short 25s accelerations after going for an easy run

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MARS Masters Mayhem

As you sit back and enjoy the Olympics (go Canada), MARS is excited about a possible new Olympic sport.

There has been an application made to the IOC to have Cross Country Running return to the Olympics as a winter sport, so as not to conflict with track events.  Cross country was dropped from the Olympics after the 1924 Games in Paris when 23 of the 38 starters failed to finish due to the extreme heat and poisonous fumes from a nearby energy plant.  Two of the sport’s legends, Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie and Kenyan Paul Tergat, launched a campaign more than five years ago for cross country to regain its place in the Olympic programme and the IAAF had proposed to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that it be included in the Winter Games.  Who says running isn’t a winter sport!

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February Thaw on MARS

With the arrival of February, we seem to be having some (slightly) warmer weather.  Why not come out and join us for a run this week?

On Tuesday at 6:30 am we will meet in the high school parking lot to do a Fartlek Ladder workout on the loop around the University of Waterloo campus.  All levels of runner are welcome and the workout will be explained.  It’s getting brighter and warmer out so come out and give us a try.

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