Random Thoughts on MARS?

Join us on MARS this week.  We have in store a Fartlek Run (Tuesday morning 6:30 am), a 90 minute Progression Run (Thursday noon) and a Fast Finish Progression Run (Saturday 6:30 am).  In addition, the Sunday Morning Running Group remains active (see their Facebook page) and Mini Meet #2 at York University is this Sunday as well.

Don’t forget to renew/get your MARS Memberships at The Sportlab.  Download registration forms at Membership tab.  Gear orders also through Sportlab.  The next RUn for The Pub is Thursday January 23 at 4:30 pm (run) and 5:30 pm (pub).  See you there.

At Mini Meet#1, W60 Karla Del Grande and M70 Tony Powell both broke the CAN records in the 50m   Karla ran 7.51 –  breaking the old mark of 7.73 set by Carol Lafayette-Boyd SK in 2003.  Tony ran 7.50 – breaking Mike Morris’ 7.57 mark from 2012.  The University of Toronto Track Club set a ONT record in the M60 4X200m (Peter Zowkewych, Duncan Greenshields, Doug Smith, John Helliker).  Congratulations to these Masters Runners.  Why not give it a try? Future meet dates are Jan 19, Feb2, March 9 and March 15-16.  Details here.

4x200m Record Setters

4x200m Record Setters

Karla and Tony

Karla and Tony

If you are still looking for reasons to get up off the couch and train for a race, have you considered these:

Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett did it, but back then they called it “jogging”.

Lee and Farrah

Lee and Farrah

You can now buy a running outfit with built in mp3 that is powered by your running.  MARS does not recommend this particular suit.

Self powered running outfit mp3 player

Self powered running outfit mp3 player

On MARS, it may be better to get a more hardy outfit with larger speakers, maybe something like this:

High tech mp3 player with subwoofer.  Good also for core.

High tech mp3 player with subwoofer. Good also for core.

See you on the roads.





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