It’s January.  You are thinking of New Year’s Resolutions that you can accomplish without remorse and breaking the bank.  Why not join or renew your membership with Muskoka Algonquin Runners.  Starting this week runners will have to be club members to join us for runs.   Consider these reasons to join:

Best Value For Money
We challenge you to find a club whose benefits are so huge with a cost that is so little.Whether you join in January or December the membership costs the same so why not get the most out of your money?

Someone to Run With
Remember what it feels like to be so absorbed in conversation while running that when your running buddy announces the four mile mark, you say “what?! no way!” It’s a good feeling. Not only is it nice to get out and connect with people who share your passion for running, they’ll help motivate you to get out when you don’t feel like it, especially I winter.  They will also help you to stick with a training plan and run your best.

Running Club Bling
Who doesn’t love running bling? MARS is launching new gear soon, with orders made through The Sportlab when you join the club. That’s called winning. You’re welcome. See our website for more details.

New Running Routes
Raise your hand if you’ve done that one loop by your house more than three times this week? Yeah. Totally been there. Mapping out new routes and exploring new territory can be daunting when you’re all by your lonesome. Joining a running club will inspire and encourage you to get out and explore Huntsville and its surrounding area. You’ll get to see something besides your neighbourhood and that’s always fun. Plus, you may get to experience the gut-wrenching “Run for the Doug 5K Time Trial” when the weather improves.

Nobody wants to get into their car and drive to go to a race. It’s a little counter intuitive. It can be a hell of a lot of fun to pile into a car with your running buddies and head to a race (think Around The Bay, Yonge Street 10K, Toronto ½, Vermont City Marathon).

New Friends
It’s pretty hard to meet up with someone two to three times a week, run 10 miles through the hills, exchange chia seed recipes, and complain about chafing without making a new friend or two. Plus, if you’re lucky you could meet “The Doug”.

Race Buddies
“So, what race are you doing next?” The most frequently asked question in a running club. Seriously. You will hear more about races including local races like Band on the Run than you ever imagined. If you’re looking for new races (think cross country or indoor track) or training buddies for the races you’ve already signed up for, this is the place to go.

Fun Runs and New Drinking Buddies
Runs that end at the pub? Because beer is the best recovery drink. Not every run has to be about personal records and negative splits. Sometimes they should be about beer and tasty treats. You earned it. Come out to our once monthly “Run To The Pub” events.  Next one Thursday January 23 (4:30pm run, 5:30pm pub).

Hostile teenagers, runaway dogs, and traffic are all threats to the lone runner wearing tights. Runners face a lot of obstacles on the trail and on the road, and there is definitely something to be said for safety in numbers. Joining a running club ensures that you’ll never hit the roads or trails alone (unless you want to) and that you’ll look super cool charging Huntsville streets in a pack of five, ten, or twenty runners.

Pay It Forward

Repay any past kindness in sports you have received by mentoring others.  Help out with summer workouts for high school runners preparing for fall cross country season.

See you on the roads!

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