MARS Landing at Craftsbury in 2014

As we run through winter, Muskoka Algonquin Runners is excited to announce that it is returning to Craftsbury Outdoor Center in the summer of 2014.  This opportunity is open to runners in or entering high school in 2014.

Last year MARS took 11 runners to The Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Craftsbury, Vermont.  Along with 20 other high school runners (31 total) from the U.S.A., they were coached by Olympic bronze medallist and three time World Cross Country Champion, Lynn Jennings, in addition to two NCAA coaches and 2 NCAA athletes.  It was an incredible experience, not to mention, an incredible camp setting in northern Vermont.  Last year the camp filled before we were able to fill our two vans (12 runners) and we want to make sure that young runners who wish to go do not miss out.  This opportunity to travel is offered by MARS and not by the high school. This opportunity is open to runners of all abilities.

MARS is returning to Craftsbury in 2014.  This year the camp is offering two separate 1 week sessions for high schoolers.  We will be going to the June 29-July 5 camp (and will depart Huntsville the morning of June 28).  They are decreasing the capacity from 31 to 25 so we expect the camp to fill up quickly.  Last year there were 8 coaches for 31 runners!  So far 5 local runners are registered to go with room for 7 more, assuming there remains space at the camp.

The cost of the camp in 2014 is  $630 US plus our travel expenses which we hope to contain below $250 (last year $175 with fundraising).  In addition you must be a Muskoka Algonquin Runners member (basic membership $20) to attend for insurance reasons. 

The camp provides supervision for the kids upon arrival and there would be two adults traveling with the group like last year.  Interested families can book accomodations at the Center as it is not just a camp but an Outdoor Center.  Visit for details. For those interested in an option closer to home, Camp Olympia offers a cross country running camp August 17-23. 

Here are the steps to register for the Craftsbury Camp AND reserve your spot in the vans:

1.   Go to and register for the June 29-July 5 camp.

2.   Email to reserve a spot in the vans.

3.   Call Craftsbury to give them your deposit (last year $250) to confirm your reservation.

4.   In the new year, get/renew your Muskoka Algonquin Runners membership ($20 for basic membership) which also allows you to go to any MARS training sessions all year and particularly in summer.

5.   In the new year more details including any fundraising, will follow.  Runners will require a valid passport, out of country health insurance, medical clearance letter from their doctor and a permission for travel letter.  The travel letters will be provided at no cost by Derek Miller and Associates.

Please email if you have any questions about this.
Happy New Year and Happy Running!



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