Muskoka Algonquin Runners hosted its first “Run To The Pub” event today.  Over a dozen runners braved the cold and dark and many more joined them afterwards at the pub.  The event was a huge success.  We still can’t find Doug……

There were many great new ideas for the club for 2014.  Meeting minutes here.  We hope to have membership and gear details for 2014 sorted out by mid December.  Stay tuned.

We welcome onto the MARS executive, Barb Hesk as Secretary and Katherine Ahokas as Director of Merchandise.  We bid farewell to outgoing Secretary Dave Gibson who could be heard muttering “it’s about time” under his breath.  Pierre Mikhail (President), Troy Cox, Dave Johnstone (both VPs), Louise Choquet (Registrar), Holly Groome (Treasurer) and Lianne Atwood (Contact for New Members/Member At Large) are all thanked for remaining on our executive.

There was consensus to continue The Run To The Pub as a monthly event.  Mark your calendar with Thursday December 19 as the next event, 4:30 pm River Mill Park to run and 5:30 pm at the pub.  We may move the day of the week to Wednesday in the new year to accomodate the Thursday long run at noon.

Our winter program begins Tuesday December 9 and is 24 weeks long, ending with Marathon/Half Marathon in Vermont May 25.  The three key workouts of the week are posted on the website through the end of January so far, with Tuesday and Saturday morning workouts at 6:30 am (60-90 minutes) and long runs Thursday at noon.  Details can be found at our calendar.  We welcome runners of all abilities and of course you do not have to come to Vermont to run with us.  The first mile of our long runs will be a “social mile” before runners head off at their own pace.

See you out there running!

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