MARS Accelerates into October

MARS XC Season just got super busy.

Many of our runners kicked butt while supporting the Muskoka Mud Run today, in both the 5K and 9K distances.  Congratulations to Andy and Ellen for hosting a fantastic event.

This coming week (after a week off to plan and host and recover from the Hoya Hills Invitational), MARS will be having three morning runs.

On Tuesday morning at 6:30 am at Conroy Park, we will be doing anaerobic intervals (200m repeats, after a good warm up)

On Thursday at 6:30 am at Conroy Park, we will host our first of two 5 Km Time Trials (the second time trial will be Thursday October 17).  We will jog the 5 Km course first then race it.  This is all to get us ready for the final event of our season, the November 17 Ontario Cross Country Championships (5 Km for Masters racers) in London.  The group of us who raced last weekend were like excited teenagers in the car (stinky) on the way home.  Why not join us and get muddy?

Friday morning at 6:45 am there will be an easy run leaving Conroy Track at 6:45 am.

The next Ontario Masters Race series race will be Sunday November 3 at 1 pm at Sunnybrook Park.  We will again carpool departing Huntsville at 9:15 am or so.  For a limited time the club will use funds that Pierre received for coaching at Craftsbury in the summer to pay the $50 Masters Ontario Membership for any runner who decides to enter a race (the races cost $15).  Let us know if you’re interested in this before that money runs out.  We would really like to enter men’s and women’s teams that day.

See you out there running!

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