MARS Cross Country Season Begins!

IMG_4232 IMG_4227IMG_4226 IMG_4225

High School Members Rock Some Watermelon at Craftsbury Camp


Summer may be ending but the fun is just beginning if you like running through mud.

The high school XC season starts in 10 days as does a parallel season for Masters cross country runners (age over 30) in Ontario.

Come out and see what this is all about.

This week on Tuesday and Thursday, all club members are welcome to join us 5:30-7 pm at Conroy Track for a workout.  If you have not been running, we will not leave you behind, as we do all of our workouts in a fairly close area.

The last summer afternoon run is Thursday August 29.   We will take a break the week of September 2 and restart our MARS runs the week of September 9.  We will offer a Tuesday 6:30-8 am Cross Country workout and a Friday morning 6:45-7:45 am easy run through the fall.

All details will appear at the Calendar tab.  Please check the calendar before attending a run in case of cancellations (rare!).

See you there!


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