Hilly Thursday, Competitive Jogging and More

Muskoka Algonquin Runners are in full summer swing.  Great turnout for our Fartlek run Tuesday and a rewarding dip afterwards.  Join us Thursday July 18 at Conroy Track from 5:30-7 pm for a hill workout followed by a swim.  We will keep everyone together around some hills and will seek shade.   Call a friend/club member and get them to come out.  Runners of all abilities welcome.

We are always looking for new workouts and just read a great urban take on the Fartlek run, which can be run anywhere.  The author calls this workout “competitive jogging”.  Here are the rules:

“The game that I like to call competitive jogging is very simple.  First, I choose a course, about 3 miles.   Second, I start running it.  The only rule is that I can never get passed by anybody else who is on foot or on rollerblades. Regrettably, I have had to let bikes pass.   If someone is running a sprint, I sprint.  If someone is roller blading quickly, I sprint.  If someone is running 5 minute miles, I run 5 minute miles.  I never get passed by anyone.  The course distance is absolutely critical in this game. 1.5 miles (in either direction) is challenging yet doable.  It means that the maximum distance I would have to keep up with someone is 1.5 miles.  Usually, if they are sprinting they only go a few hundred yards anyway.  The toughest challenges are the marathon runners who are absolutely cruising my whole course or the rollerbladers who are effortlessly pushing me to the brink.  After I return home I usually declare myself the winner, do some stretching, and feel great about my run.  Jogging problems solved.  Can you tell I love competition?”

Finally, some inspiration from Mark Remy at Runner’s World:

poster-52-500p poster-53-350p

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