Young Runners Head To Craftsbury Running Camp

11 Local High School runners are off to Craftsbury, Vermont to attend a one week running camp from July 6-13.  The Huntsville runners are amongst 35 from across North America who will attend the camp.  Our local runners heading to Vermont are Shannon Marshall, Sarah Steele, Rachel Miller, Hannah Mikhail, Megan Mikhail, Emily Jones, Mariah Smith, Dalton Boothby, Alex Griffiths, Austin Simonett and Josh Stevens.  Catherine Smith and Pierre Mikhail will head down to the US with these excited runners in two minivans.

Craftsbury Outdoor Center has become renowned for its superb running, rowing and nordic skiing camps, and the outdoor center prides itself on sustainability and responsible practices.

During the week, participants will enjoy track training, hill work, drills, fartlek and tempo work as well as a long run on the most beautiful loop in Vermont. Classroom presentations will include nutrition, training physiology, race day skills and more.

The camp will be led by one the greats of American running, Lynn Jennings. Lynn has earned 39 National Championship titles ranging from 3000m to 10k, won the cross-country World Championships three consecutive times, and is one of only two American women to medal in track events at the Olympics at distances over 800m (she won a  bronze medal at 10,000m at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics).

Wish our local runners and club members luck!

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 11.50.27 AM

Austin Simonett, Hannah Mikhail, Sarah Steels,Shannon Marshall, Rachel Miller, Megan Mikhail, Emily Jones, Pierre Mikhail, Mariah Smith

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