MARS Field Trip!

Muskoka Algonquin Runners are hitting the road for our first field trip!

The 5Peaks Race Series is hosting a race at Heart Lake in Brampton on Saturday September 14.  Details can be found at  There will be 6K and 12 K race options according to the race organizers.

MARS would like to organize transportation to the event for interested runners.  The races begin at 9:45 am and we would have to arrive by 8:30 am so departure would be at 6 am sharp.  Cost for the bus will be $25 per person.  We would return by 3 pm.

Adults should register for the race themselves at  The race fee is $50 and registration closes September 12.  Same day registration is $60.

Huntsville Hoyas will be given a discount if they choose to do this race and will be charged $50 total for the race and transportation.  The club will handle the registration process for these runners.  This is not a school event.

All runners traveling with MARS MUST be club members. Membership information can be found at

Reserve your seat on the bus by leaving us a message at our website  We will let you know how to pay for your bus seat after you make contact.  Payment in full for the bus is required to reserve a seat and is NONREFUNDABLE.

Don’t forget to join us tonight at 5:30 pm at Conroy Track for a Fartlek run!

Muskoka Algonquin Runners Rule XC!

Muskoka Algonquin Runners are well into their summer program.  Why not join us tonight for a stride workout?  No idea what that is, come to the run to find out.  All levels of runner are welcome.

July is the month that we slowly build our base of running so that we can gear up for a fall cross country running season.  Our high schoolers have their fall season waiting for them, but other MARS runners can race cross country in the fall too.  There is nothing more fun in running than a XC race.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, consider this fall line-up of races that Muskoka Algonquin Runners is encouraging its members to attend:

(1) 5Peaks Race Series, September 14 Race at Heart Lake in Brampton.  The race distances here are roughly 6K and 12K.  We are looking into the cost of renting a bus to transport any local runners to the race.  The races start at 9:45 am and we would likely depart around 5:45 am and be back around 3 pm.  If the bus option doesn’t materialize, we would be looking for club members willing to car pool.  The cost of the race is $50 and registration details can be found at  The cost for Huntsville Hoyas Runners will be subsidized and will likely be $20.

(2) Ontario Masters Series 5K at Taylor Creek in Toronto, September 29.  The races in this series are for runners 30 years of age and older.  The races usually start at 1pm which allows car pooling the same day from Huntsville.  If you have an Ontario Masters Athletics Membership ($50), you get reduced rates for races.  However, you can purchase single event membership and usually these are around $20 per race.  Our club will look to enter teams in these races (individuals welcome too) and all levels of runner are welcome.

(3) Muskoka Mud Run, Bracebridge, October 5.  Come out and support the awesome local XC race and you can be guaranteed that you will get muddy!  Teams and individuals are welcome.  There are 5k and 9K options.  Runners  18 and under pay $8 until August 25 (then $10).  Runners over 18 pay $35 until Aug 25 (then $45).

(4) Ontario Masters Series 8K at Sunnybrook Park in Toronto, November 3. Same details as (2) above.

(5) Ontario Cross Country Championships, London, Ontario, November 10.  This is separate from the OFSAA (high school) Championships November 2 and is an open event, open to all ages of runners in the club.  The race distances vary by age but for runners over 30 is  5K.

See you running.  Please direct inquiries through the Contact tab of this website.

Sunday Morning Run

Join us Sunday morning at 9 am for a run and a swim at Pierre and Catherine’s home.

3Km, 7Km and 10Km options and bikes welcome for a ride down Limberlost Road.

Coffee/Tea provided afterwards.

1027 East Walker Lake Drive: Highway 60 to Limberlost Rd.  Left on Limberlost 2km.  Left on Walker Lake Drive then immediate right onto East Walker Lake Drive, 2nd house on left.

Members pose for a picture for Canadian Running Magazine

Members pose for a picture for Canadian Running Magazine

Hilly Thursday, Competitive Jogging and More

Muskoka Algonquin Runners are in full summer swing.  Great turnout for our Fartlek run Tuesday and a rewarding dip afterwards.  Join us Thursday July 18 at Conroy Track from 5:30-7 pm for a hill workout followed by a swim.  We will keep everyone together around some hills and will seek shade.   Call a friend/club member and get them to come out.  Runners of all abilities welcome.

We are always looking for new workouts and just read a great urban take on the Fartlek run, which can be run anywhere.  The author calls this workout “competitive jogging”.  Here are the rules:

“The game that I like to call competitive jogging is very simple.  First, I choose a course, about 3 miles.   Second, I start running it.  The only rule is that I can never get passed by anybody else who is on foot or on rollerblades. Regrettably, I have had to let bikes pass.   If someone is running a sprint, I sprint.  If someone is roller blading quickly, I sprint.  If someone is running 5 minute miles, I run 5 minute miles.  I never get passed by anyone.  The course distance is absolutely critical in this game. 1.5 miles (in either direction) is challenging yet doable.  It means that the maximum distance I would have to keep up with someone is 1.5 miles.  Usually, if they are sprinting they only go a few hundred yards anyway.  The toughest challenges are the marathon runners who are absolutely cruising my whole course or the rollerbladers who are effortlessly pushing me to the brink.  After I return home I usually declare myself the winner, do some stretching, and feel great about my run.  Jogging problems solved.  Can you tell I love competition?”

Finally, some inspiration from Mark Remy at Runner’s World:

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Fartlek Tuesday

Join us for a Fartlek Run Tuesday at 5:30 pm. We meet at Conroy Track (new track). What better way to beat the heat than going for a run followed by a dip at Camp Kitchen? We plan to do the Fartlek on a course that keeps everyone close by so nobody will feel left behind. We will start with a 20 min easy warm up, some running drills, and then the Fartlek run. Everything will be explained to newbies! Bring a water bottle.


High School Runners at Craftsbury Running Camp After Hill Workout

High School Runners Return From Vermont

It was an exciting week for 11 Huntsville Hoya Runners and Muskoka Algonquin Runner club members.  The group departed Saturday July 6 for Craftsbury Outdoor Center in Vermont, where they joined 19 other high school runners and 8 coaches for a memorable week.  In addition to the Canadian contingent there were runners from Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Connecticut.

The kids were mesmerized by Olympian Lynn Jennings, whose soft spoken, gentle approach and history of great achievement captivated their attention all week.  In addition there were two NCAA College coaches, 2 NCAA College Runners, and an Ultramarathoner on the coaching staff.  The runners learned the why and how of training, peaking and racing.  In addition, they explored local Vermont attractions and had tonnes of fun getting to know an incredible group of teenaged runners.  The week included a Tuesday 5K XC race and ended with a 6 or 10 mile ridge run at 6 am Saturday morning , a run of incredible beauty.  The runners have returned home anxious to prepare for their fall season.

Congratulations to Megan, Hannah, Rachel, Sarah, Shannon, Mariah, Emily, Dalton, Austin, Alex and Josh for representing their club, school and country proudly!


Huntsville Runners with Lynn Jennings (back row, third from left)

Huntsville Runners with Lynn Jennings (back row, third from left)

Pierre, Austin, Hannah

Pierre, Austin, Hannah

Mariah, Catherine, Emily

Mariah, Catherine, Emily

Fartlek and Tempo Day

Fartlek and Tempo Day

Dalton, Mariah, Pierre

Dalton, Mariah, Pierre

Stream swim after hard day

Stream swim after hard day

Mariah and Emily show us how to eat watermelon

Mariah and Emily show us how to eat watermelon

6 am Ridge Run the final day

6 am Ridge Run the final day

Anders, Austin, Josh and Allan with Lynn Jennings

Anders, Austin, Josh and Allan with Lynn Jennings

Muskoka Algonquin Runners Featured In Canadian Running Magazine!

Calling all club members! Canadian Running Magazine would like to feature our club in their September issue! That is the good news. The bad news is they need a high quality photo of as many members as possible by Monday. I am away in Vermont. Please consider coming to Thursday’s workout (lead by Helen Dempster and Dave Johnstone) at 5:30 pm at Conroy Track, for a group photo. Even if you can’t run, come for the picture.

Young Runners Head To Craftsbury Running Camp

11 Local High School runners are off to Craftsbury, Vermont to attend a one week running camp from July 6-13.  The Huntsville runners are amongst 35 from across North America who will attend the camp.  Our local runners heading to Vermont are Shannon Marshall, Sarah Steele, Rachel Miller, Hannah Mikhail, Megan Mikhail, Emily Jones, Mariah Smith, Dalton Boothby, Alex Griffiths, Austin Simonett and Josh Stevens.  Catherine Smith and Pierre Mikhail will head down to the US with these excited runners in two minivans.

Craftsbury Outdoor Center has become renowned for its superb running, rowing and nordic skiing camps, and the outdoor center prides itself on sustainability and responsible practices.

During the week, participants will enjoy track training, hill work, drills, fartlek and tempo work as well as a long run on the most beautiful loop in Vermont. Classroom presentations will include nutrition, training physiology, race day skills and more.

The camp will be led by one the greats of American running, Lynn Jennings. Lynn has earned 39 National Championship titles ranging from 3000m to 10k, won the cross-country World Championships three consecutive times, and is one of only two American women to medal in track events at the Olympics at distances over 800m (she won a  bronze medal at 10,000m at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics).

Wish our local runners and club members luck!

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 11.50.27 AM

Austin Simonett, Hannah Mikhail, Sarah Steels,Shannon Marshall, Rachel Miller, Megan Mikhail, Emily Jones, Pierre Mikhail, Mariah Smith