Summer on MARS

July 2 will be the last Tuesday 6:30 am run before we start our summer schedule Tuesday July 9.  Why not come out and join us for a FARTLEK run?  If you don’t know what a Fartlek is, come and find out.  Giggle if you must.

Sunday Runs will continue to be advertised through the “Sunday Morning Running Group in Huntsville, Ontario” Facebook Page.  Join the group to be updated on locations of runs.  Runs are Sundays at 9 am.

Beginning July 9, the Tuesday workouts are from 5:30-7:00 pm and we are introducing a second weekday run on Thursdays, also 5:30-7:00 pm.  Details of all runs can be found at the Calendar tab at the website 

If you are training for a fall cross country season (high school or adult), the calendar also has suggested runs on the other days of the week that you may choose to do on your own.  The Tuesday/Thursday runs will all start and finish at the new track (Conroy Track).  You MUST be a club member to run and if you have parents picking you up they must pick you up on time.  These runs are lead by volunteers.  You must be entering grade nine or older to be a club member.

The Tuesday July 9 workout will be as follows (calendar Tab has all details):

Leaders: Lowell and Katherine

20-30 minute easy warm up jog in area between track and Camp Kitchen

5-10 x Hill Repeats (start at train tracks and run up over road in front of University of Waterloo on grass; then easy jog back down the other side; then reverse)

20-30 minute easy run

See you there!


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