Tuesday Track and Sunday Update

Why not join us at the track tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:30 am?  No one gets left behind on a track.  We are doing 800m repeats.

We have modified how we will organize our Sunday runs.  Rather than post them on our calendar, they will be run through the Facebook Group, “Sunday Morning Running Group in Huntsville, Ontario”.  This group predates the running club and many of its members are club members.

Runners interested in hosting a Sunday run simply request to join the group on Facebook.  The week that you are able to host, simply post an invitation on the group’s Facebook page with directions.  Simple as that.  This allows us to keep the integrity of this historical group intact and also allows people to volunteer to host on shorter notice.

Our Tuesday morning 6:30 am runs will continue up to an including July 2.  Starting July 9, our weekday runs will be Tuesday and Thursdays 5:30-7 pm. Details of workouts can be found at Calendar tab.

See you out there running

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