MARS Conquers Around The Bay!

Muskoka Runners had a great day at the Around The Bay 30K race today. Over 8000 runners completed the 30K race today. Around The Bay is the oldest road race in North America, first run in 1894. It is famous also for its late race series of demanding hills and The Grim Reaper who awaits suffering runners at km 26 at the top of the last hill.


Start of the 1896 race


Race start

The local runners were lead by Troy Cox, who finished 40th overall and 3rd in his age group and Katherine Ahokas, who placed 10th in her age group.

Pierre Mikhail placed 180th, Doug Neudorf 184th, Mark Sinnige 216th and Lowell Greib 287th. Roger Penney finished just behind Lowell.

Also completing the race were Darla Coles, Mike and Cheryl Dove, Kari Lambe, Myka Malone, Brenda Liddle, Jennifer Nicholson and a relay team called Killer Katie’s Triple Threat.

Congratulations to our local runners for conquering Around The Bay!

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